This page describes a mechanism that could be used with LocalNames.

A wiki has a “default namespace,” that is– all the pages of the wiki itself.

Sometimes, you want to talk about something, by name, that is not in the default namespace. You need a way to “hop out” of the namespace.


In wiki, the traditional mechanism is called the “InterLink.” An InterLink lets you (first) name a nearby wiki, and then (second) name a page on it.

So for example, these two links are different:

In wiki, this is traditionally done by a link substitution. There is an “InterMap,” that specifies:


When the WikiEngine sees a link that reads “MeatballWiki:RecentChanges”, the text “RecentChanges” is affixed to the URL:, to produce: .

This is a simple solution, and admirable as such.

InterLinks in LocalNames?

InterLink won’t work for LocalNames, because in LocalNames, NamespaceDescriptions are web pages: Where is the InterMap?

Two approaches:

URI Templates

By the URI template way, bind:

If you write: “MeatballWiki:RecentChanges,” RecentChanges takes the place of {page}, rendering:

This is the closest analog to the InterLink that I can think of.

Namespace Hopping

By namespace hopping, bind:

If you write: “MeatballWiki:RecentChanges,” RecentChanges is looked up on the MeatballWiki’s namespace description.

…it seems to be exactly the way how people describe the “locations” of web pages:
Go to CommunityWiki, click on LocalNames, then scroll down and click on Local Names Project.
This would translate to a “localnames trail” like this:
CommunityWiki:LocalNames:Local Names Project
..I think it’s very close to how users actually “see” the web.RadomirDopieralski

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