The NearMap is an extension of the InterMap. Every entry on the InterMap can also be listed on the NearMap.


A link where we can download a list of all the pages of a wiki. If you don’t have a plain text option to get that list, you can use the Strip proxy, e.g. the stripped Mycorrhiza page list – although some false positives are included from the header and the footer of the HTML page.

This is what allows us to implement SisterSites. It also requires a little logo to be installed on the server, e.g. the MeatBall logo or the WikiWiki logo.

This also allows us to to offer the Include near pages link when matching page titles (the “Matching Pages” search at the top of the page).

A link where we can get a search result in RSS 3.0 format. This is an optional feature for sites that participate in FederatedSearch. If you don’t have a RSS 3.0 format search result, you might be able to use one of the existing proxies (or you’ll have to write your own). We have a Usemod search proxy, and a C2 search proxy.

This is what allows us to offer the Search sites on the NearMap as well link when searching a page (the regular search at the bottom of the page).