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Le projet de wiki NOTRE CONSTITUTION POINT NET est directement inspiré de l'idée exposée sur la page : CraoWiki:ConstitutionEuropéenneCrackée?.

NOTRE CONSTITUTION POINT NET est désormais ouvert sur l'URL où a été mise en oeuvre un outil wiki évolué et la recette de Wikuisine suivante :

Au dessert, on pourra aussi se régaler avec un plat de CraoWiki:CartographieSemantique? arrosé par un petit vote coloré de ce genre sur chaque article…

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The seed has germinated, and is growing up !

Notre Constitution Point Net (NCPN) – it means in english "Our Constitution Dot Net", a second possible sense beeing "Our Not-that-Clear Constitution"- is on its way to achieve part of its initial mission statement : almost the whole text of the french version of the "Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe" (TCE), has been imported into NCPN pages -one for each article- thus providing the readers with a real Hypertext version of the TCE (local links), and the ability to link to the articles from their websites, through a fixed and stable URL.

A number of weblog authors, have already make use of local links to NCPN that way, so that they can defend their point of view, relying on them. We've also been mentioned in an - everyday growing - number of sources -including a French newspaper, Liberation, in its online version.

Among the visitors, we have the pleasure to count researchers, that appreciated our effort, and thus decided to let us "tranclude" their -rich and high quality – works (visual mapping, lexical and semantic analyses of the structure of the text) into NCPN pages.

Notre Constitution Point Net is also a digital public space, where we try to experiment conditions of elaboration, communication and sharing, of texts that rule community life. Given they respect a neutral point of view (that is, it should be clear that there is no point in talking about whether voting YES or NO is better), contributors are allowed, and even encouraged to participate to discussion pages where they can comment the text of the TCE, and to social pages where they can debate and open new subjects for discussion.

With this perspective in mind, we now look forward to keeping the dynamic running, beyond the date of the referendum (May 29, 2005). --May 12, 2005 SébastienSauteur

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The project OUR CONSTITUTION DOT NET wiki, is directly inspired by the idea presented on the page: CraoWiki:ConstitutionEuropéenneCrackée?.

OUR CONSTITUTION DOT NET project will soon be available at URL where an advanced wiki tool is implemented together with the following receipt of Wikooking (to be improved):

For dessert, one will also be able to feast oneself on a special CraoWiki:CartographieSemantique? served with a small coloured vote of that kind on each article…

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Cette page pourrait être traduite en anglais avec un AliasPage. Je laisse SébastienSauteur commencer le chantier :-)

Oui j'imagine, et en allemand : UnsereVerfassungPunktNet? ? Mattis?

Bon, faut remplir fissa le wiki avec le texte puis … je verrouille les pages et on passe à la phase commentaires …

Oooops! (I must have been sleeping)

This is going for a commonly elaborated world-constitution if I do not misread. Cool.

This is making language specific wikis like the french one, German would be UnsereVerfassung?.net, knowingly that even when we somehow manage to synch all the wiki - there are many languages - this is a deahtrap. To make it work we need to be able to communicate multilingual on the pagelevel. A vague idea about this is the multilingual experiment. That much for the future of the project. I'll check about unsere-Verfassung-wiki.

Er, this is more about making the currant proposal for a European Constitution more accessible, than it is about a world constitution (tho I admit it would be an interesting project too).

As a partial consequence, it's easy to synch all the wiki page-to-page if there are several languages, because all articles are carefully numbered.

I visioned a bit, sorry. I do so here and now. And I lost track of the facts, facts that were written on the screen right in front of my eyes (in French, which is a lame excuse). I do realize it somehow when visioning a bit. But a little inner voice is stronger and tells me to go on. Maybe someone says: … tho I admit that a world-constitution would be an interesting project too. I did not actually think this when visioning a bit before, it was some other (inner?) level the information reached me from. Anyhow. Would that be an interesting project? Is it imaginable?

Checked about Would be possible. But the German parliament decided already. no referendi in Germany. You couldn't make a cat come out from behind the oven with that (German proverb). I envy you French, as this is an optimal application of wiki and a great idea.

Big buckets first it was, right? constitution-wiki, multilingual. Start with uploading and translating all existing national constitutions of the world to every existing language. Discussion comes by itself. Maybe even a good idea for notre-constitution-wiki for after the referendum.

I love the way you speak out long-term visions like this Mattis (may be because it's a bit "unreasonnable", and that i am too sometimes). But actually, you pointed at it : first the project is gonna be pretty "coarse" (?), because we don't need to think about it's content. It's been given to us. So, it's hand-level job by now, realistic and objective (that's very nice actually..) (may i say it's a ContentOverCommunity step ?) We still remain free to drop some thoughts into a BigBucketsFirst, while the members of the community learn to know each others. The content of the wiki, at this point, does not really belong to the community, nor it belongs to the French people. It's European stuff (at least..) Anyways, we want to reappropriate "it" somehow (hence the name "ourconstitution").

Then discussion will come by itself as you mentionned. Other contents will come up. So the point is to have a solid base first, made from constitution texts (that is : no "breakdown" action ; we just fit out a civic playground, and try to understand what it's all about). Then we can rely on it, to enlarge the community, that will gather citizens that way, to afterwards discuss civic stuff in the long-term (an idea of a "public sphere" -still no "breakdown", but rather a still but solid democratic balancing force) (CommunityOverContent step ?).

The idea of wiki-noding european constitution-wikis sounds great to me, much more than the one to have a single wiki with different language versions on it. We could cross-reference the constitutional stuffs, and have a multilingual approach concerning the discussions. But the more important in my opinion, is that it would allow a european-wide community, gathered around a civic vision. Distributed. And then.. why not going further (in space).. Actually right now, i see no good reason for people outside europe, not to come and discuss the text of this so-called "treaty". For what it is about us having the right to choose in 2 weeks, compared to you beeing told the choice, there's finally no real big advantage for us, since confusion seems to be spreading all over our new constitutionalized territory, and also because whatever the french people decision will be, we'll all have to cope with the result together. So the job remains to be done. Oupss, i lost myself somewhere in tommorow..


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