So, for those english speakers who are wondering what the heck is going on :

I've copied into EnergieNucléaire a discussion I've had recently on a french environmentalist discussion board, after refactoring it and adding dramatic identities (and yes, I will notify them and ask for their advice - if they don't want the discussion wikified, I can take it off).

I'm aware that this is quite off-topic on CommunityWiki - I don't think the pros and cons of nuclear energy have much to do with the MissionStatement. This page (and the french equivalent) is mainly an experiment in WikiDrama, by using a topic that's interesting and that causes division (and, in my mind, it's an debate more interesting than whether Bush is a moron or whether God exists …).


Nuclear Energy is Evil !

  • Radioactive waste is dangerous and stays so for a looooong time !
  • A meltdown can be really dangerous
  • It's an expensive form of energy

Nuclear Energy is Good !

  • It can allow to reduce global warming, as it replaces fossil fuels
  • People are scared of nuclear for irrational reasons (mental association with the weapons, mostly)
  • It can pave the road for hydrogen-powered cars