Proposal 2007-09-20

HansWobbe joins the CommunityWikiAssembly upon the passage of this proposal. (complete)

Yesses: LionKimbro, BayleShanks, ZbigniewLukasiak, SamRose, AlexSchroeder, DavidCary, MattisManzel

Nos: -

Not Decided Yet: -

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Yep! Hans, you passed!

The congratulations message is so long in the coming, because I was spending too much time figuring out how to craft a Congradulations message that both honored you, and respected Radomir’s CW membership, even though he’s chosen not to be an assembly member, but that’s okay, because – and I think my brain exploded.

So, …

Congratulations, Hans! Not only an assembly member, but also the first person to walk through our process!