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Having community-wiki offline would be cool. It’s the version the wiki had, when you got off-line. When you call up community-wiki offline it’s all there. It’s all on your hard-disk. You can edit and save just as if you were online. When you reconnect it synchs the updated pages and adds your changes. For edit-conflicts it shows where, for a manual rework by the community.
Imaginable? Where has been thought and probably even coded on something similar before?

We’ve talked about this before, but I can’t find where. Perhaps it wasn’t on this wiki.

WikiWindow is the name of the piece of software you view the wiki from.

See also: MoinMoin:OfflineWiki

If you’re familiar with CVS: this is like CVS.

If not: CVS is a tool for having a collections of documents with the ability for people to get a copy of the collection, edit their copy, and then sync their copy with the master collection. CVS also remembers past versions of everything in the collection.

With CVS, there is a “server”, which knows the “true” state of the document repository, and a “client”, which gets a copy and then goes offline and periodically resyncs.

There are already some wikis which are built on top of a CVS-like backend (such as CvWiki?, an ancestor of OddMuse; and SubWiki). In the future, I think it would be neat if this was done more often. WebDav is related to this, because WebDav+DeltaV can be used as a protocol to do CVS-like things.

To expand on Alex’s post: the technical infrastructure you’d need for this could be similar to what you’d need for a DistributedWiki, because one way to do it is to have implement your OfflineWiki as a DistributedWiki with (at least) two servers; the “real” server, and your own computer, which serves to you when offline and then syncs with the “real” server later.

A real distributed wiki would be different from CVS in that, instead of having a server and a client (implying a “master” document collection on the server, and “mere copies” everywhere else), each node would be a server unto itself (everyone’s collection is a “master” collection). There are CVS alternatives, such as “arch”, which try to accomplish this.

I do in fact know of some work on this:

Eventually I’m planning to reimplement “mvs” (note the intentional similarity to “cvs”) using WikiGateway. This would allow you to use it on any WikiGateway-supported wiki (including OddMuse, MediaWiki, MoinMoin, etc).

We’ve probably mentioned this on a number of other pages here, but DistributedEditing is the one I remember.

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