There are various types of being On the Internet.

Here are some rough groupings, to give a sense of what is meant by “types of being on the Internet.”:


Now, let’s consider some particular technologies.

If you use Skype to place a phone call occasionally, this is not “On The Internet.” Consider telephone calls, on the plain old telephone system. Nobody can see what you are doing, it’s not on ThePublicWeb, you’re basically invisible to the Internet.

However, if you were to, say, make yourself available to everybody on the Internet, and have things like the Jabber Presence signals we see in some forums, and stuff like that, then that instant Skype-availability can help separate you from the posters, towards the realm of the super-connected. People can reliably get ahold of you, and all.

Some other things to note:

As we approach PervasiveComputing, doubtless, these things will change.


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Heh heh, such a simple and obvious-seeming page, but something tells me that the concept and its effects will become weirder and more important as PervasiveComputing takes hold. I can’t really say why I think that, though.


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