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On CommunityWiki, we no longer look at InterWiki as the ultimate in networking wiki. Rather, we believe in networking WikiEngines with all SocialSoftware so that wiki, with its inherent advantages for managing semi-stable collective text, replaces less effective content management paradigms.

When all communications software (see SocialSoftware) are integrated, we call the resulting mix: “OneBigSoup”.

Components of the OneBigSoup

There are many ways of envisioning how the network of software will be arranged and work. Current development is piecemeal and resembles biological systems in that cooperation between types of software is incidental and site-specific. Some ways to understand the components:

Here are some things we may see:

The OneBigSoup Project

LionKimbro used the term “OneBigSoup” (contributed by MattisManzel) to start talking about this idea here, and he started a project (“the OneBigSoup” project) to work towards this ideal. The first major project undertaken was LocalNames, which mixes InterWiki ideas with the larger software world.

‘’Further information is available at: OneBigSoup Wiki’’

That said: There are ‘’hoards’’ of projects working towards the general OneBigSoup ideal. The OneBigSoup project is just specially mentioned here, because it is has close social ties with CommunityWiki.


Why do I think we’re going this way?


People leave KuroShin diaries to go start their ‘’own’’ blogs, and their ‘’own’’ RSS feeds. People are groping for technologies to make threaded conversations across the internet ‘’easy.’’ The idea of “portable threaded conversations” is floating around.

These technologies all start as experiments on centralized servers, but they always end up floating away. That way, people can have independence, and they can do things their own way, and they can experiment with new technologies, and they can develop new things, without being tied to a particular server and a particular guy and a particular community.


Consider that we already feel the pressure to implement BuiltinThreading? in wiki. I think we all know it’s more or less a good idea; We just are weary of FeatureKarma. ‘’And right we should be.’’ What do we do as developers when we feel we are putting in too much technology in one place? Well, we decouple things. Which is exactly what I’m talking about: Massive decoupling.

Having thought of the model in this way, it became clear to me: Wiki “should” also support ‘’blogs.’’ Not just pages that we keep our blogs on, but- bona fida ‘’blogs.’’ That you can just type away into. That have summaries, which are then aggregated into a central “Here’s the CommunityWiki blog aggregation,” collecting all our community’s CommunityWiki blogs together on.

“But we can already do this on CommunityWiki,” I hear you cry. ‘’Yes, we can.’’ But, ‘’no,’’ it’s not good enough, dammit. This is the same as BuiltinThreading?. We don’t ‘’want’’ to have to edit a whole page, just to add an entry. We don’t ‘’want’’ cheesy techniques and hacks. We don’t ‘’want’’ to type [[new?]]. We want to just hit “Add Blog Entry,” type in a summary in the summary box, type in a full entry in the full entry box, and have that go to a special “this is blogs” section, and have that be it. I know that we can ‘’simulate’’ all this by using pure wiki pages, but just because we ‘’can,’’ doesn’t mean that that’s the best, and that that’s what we want to do.

We can ‘’simulate’’ full-featured K5 or Slashdot style threading. But that’s not what we really want. (Then again, we don’t want to be constrained by K5’s and Slashdot’s threading either- we’d like to be able to erase threads, too. In ‘’most’’ cases.)

So my points are:

The logical conclusion of these two forces is that: We’ll put more into wiki. And then it will all explode outwards. The architecture I have described as “One Big Soup” ‘’is’’ an exploded architecture.

Why This is Cool

Once things have exploded out, they become much more… ‘’Open.’’ Spacious. And even “Soupy.”

When you’re locked into LiveJournal, ‘’you’re locked into LiveJournal.’’ You can only play link games with your LiveJournal friends.

When you’re locked into KuroShin, ‘’you’re locked into KuroShin.’’ You can’t publicize your non-existant RSS feed for your K5 diary. You can’t aggregate non-K5 people into your K5 watch list. You're ''stuck'' with K5 people.

But once things explode out, there’s a faaaar vaster community, with much more going on in it, and much more choice, and much more diversity, and much more experimentation, than the GatedCommunity could ever provide.

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Reworked the page only a little. Lots of it still needs reworking, but this is what I’m willing to do now.

Looking for wiki pages on this wiki or other wiki about the phenomenon of ‘’’continuous disintegration.’’’ This is where some piece of software initially appears all integrated in a tight package, and then, over time, becomes atomized: Individual reusable software components that are no longer a central focus.

That way, I could comfortably huck a big long section in the middle of the page.

BayleShanks: ‘’continuous disintegration.’’’: Interesting choice of words; wouldn’t “decentralization” or “component-ization” be more canonical?


Component-ization is good. 😊

TedErnst: blog post I had lost and now have found: and also link to a guy who’s using his blog to aggregate various parts of his life: - people are clamoring for pieces of this one big soup

MattisManzel: Dunno where to write, couldn’t really follow anymore, sry, local trouble, blah. But I just sat here with MarkoStevelic and it was one big soup what came to my mind. Just the term. ‘’One big soup’’. In the middleages (in the best case) someone took a horse and rode over to the next monastery and carried a roll of paper with a good idea written on it when there has been one in the first monastery {😊}. What we do nowadays is a wiki-node. And every monk can read it.
For making this electronic horse-ride effective - it takes us whereever in the time of setting a link - we need to make our tool compatible to multilinguality, as in most parts of the world where we can connect to in the time of setting a link other languages are spoken and our words can not be understood. But there are people who understand and can translate. This must be featured, as it connects. Learning languages must be featured. Having several, choosable languages on one page must be done easy. Editing such pages them must be done easy. There sind so etliche Wellen die gegen den Bug unseres Schiffchen laufen während der Halse, eine ist das vielsprachige Experiment, eine nur. Ich Affe krieg kaum mit von meimen Krähennest aus, wie Captain Alex - dessen Hut ich mir übrigens auf dem Kopf umdrehe - wild am Ruder dreht. Was ich mitkrieg’ ist die Bewegung des Schiffes, dessen allmähliches kränken, wies sich neigt. I can see far as I’m high up, communication is hard, a matter of plain talk, actually. TemporyVideoDeleteWhenSeen?

LionKimbro: – here’s something that’s working sympathetic 😊 – author would probably be interested in PICA, as well.


There is an Identity Mashups wiki that is looking interesting.

I have met Jon Ramer (been to his house a few times, actually,) and he’s an interesting person. We are connected with several other agents connected with the site, through the EvolutionarySalon, through the RecentChangesCamp, and so on.

If possible, I would want to delegate conversation on identity in that direction, since they are working very seriously on it, and doing good work tracking (and hosting!) the larger conversation.

That’s not to say we shouldn’t talk about it here; It is to say that we should keep our eye on what they’re doing, and think about working there if we’re working seriously on identity.

‘’’It’s too bad the wiki doesn’t have a blog.’’’ If it did, it’d be easier for us to casually track it, no? BlogControlledByWiki, and all. I really really really want to promote this idea.


I’m trying to put the one big soup on the cooker on [[kabo-wiki-hive_-_whoRthey-wiki_-_one_big_soup?]]. and twitter #OneBigSoup returned no data, or LWP::UserAgent is not available. returned no data, or LWP::UserAgent is not available.

FridemarPache: Feel free to consider the free Cmaps client (and free Cmaps server) to integrate into the OneBigSoup. What about leaving a link on my sandbox or Nathaniels sandbox to an arbitrary (friendly and constructive) Html page or even another Cmap, e.g. your sandbox.


I think OneBigSoup is GoogleWave. 😊


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