Better name for MetaCommunication - ??

Yeah; and originally, you were using the term on WikiAsYouLearn to talk about communication about communication within different settings. IE: "Can I talk about this person about how we're talking-" in a chain-of-command setting, vs. a more democratic setting.

If I understood right.

I'm happy with this wording of what we are talking about ….:

 (quoting you from WikiAsYouLearn)
 .... the way to learn is to learn socially. And ... the thing to do is to construct documents 
 (construct as in "constructivist" and even "constructionist"- not just recreating models 
 in your head, but creating actual things in the world) as you learn. This helps both 
 yourself, others, and people who just wanted some clarification and a reference. ...

What you were saying could be applied to a more general purpose than "constructing documents" …if we can apply it to "constructing some new reality" …. i mean a reality which we can feel to be part of …. because we have been sharing its making.

This possibility of "sharing the making of a new reality" should be the motivation for people to use wikis … because the other approach … recreating models in one's head …. is just a desire to conform to an existing reality … like sticking to an obsolete release of some software that we don't even understand what it'made of and by whom …

It sounds/looks to me that WikiAsYouLearn could now progress into some … what ? … a case history ??