Notes from 10/22/08 Panel at [University of Michigan]

BrewsterKahle founder of InternetArchive gave a keynote address here about OpenLibrary concepts.

BrewsterKahle asserts that libraries are moving towards specialization as print resources become databases.

Traditional Library and Archive Systems

Digitization of Archives

Heading towards privatized, centralized, warehoused, licensed access, removing from PublicDomain. Google, LexisNexis?, Law libraries Elsevier, etc all law libraries are now wholly controlled digitally by Elsevier in US!

Open Library

As proposed by BrewsterKahle


Kahle talked about the burning of Library of Alexandria and how this should never happen again. Our main criticism was that Public Domain open library needs to be massively distributed in it’s storage and access infrastructure.


Related Concepts

Recently I buy and read quite a bit of books - I would love to borrow them to people and then talk about them.


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