OpenMeatballWiki is a GhostTown hosted on the Meatball server. It's licensed PrimarilyPublicDomain, in contrast to the MeatballCopyright?.

If you're interested in moving your contributions from CommunityWiki to OpenMeatballWiki, see the announcement on 2004-04-21.


One question for CommunityWiki members is whether OpenMeatballWiki provides a means for reunifying the CommunityWiki and Meatball communities.

Whether or not that's necessary, desirable, or even possible, OpenMeatballWiki doesn't seem like the place to do it. The site's stated goal is to be a repository for OpenContent Meatball pages, and building up community or making original works there seems to be de-emphasized.

I think OpenMeatballWiki is more flexible than that. It's a wiki, and it's part of the MeatballProject. Those two combined mean that just because someone wrote something on it in the first few days it was created doesn't mean it has a set goal. It's open to discussion. (and that's not just me saying that; people over there are posting in terms of "I suggest" and "I'd like to see"s).

(besides, where would the place be? "OpenMeatballWiki II"?)

Either way, CommunityWiki is not the place to talk about the future of OpenMeatballWiki, doncha think? ;)SunirShah

Much later… Right now it seems that the site has turned into a spam-pit. I assume that it will be closed down eventually.

True, no despaming possible anymore. A pitty, as the idea was good, I think. To go there and try to clean it up reminds me on the Usemod days of s23-wiki - half the day we spent despaming. It gave us a good rage when we fianlly started on a better protected engine then back in January 05.

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