Your life in plain text

OrgMode has been driving people to try Emacs because of its power.

Org-mode is a document editing, formatting, and organizing mode, designed for notes, planning, and authoring within the free software text editor Emacs. The name is used to encompass plain text files that include simple marks to indicate levels of a hierarchy, and an editor with functions that can read the markup and manipulate hierarchy elements. – Org-mode

One thing it does is it allows your to create an outline, a hierarchical liste of headings interspersed with text, and each heading acts as a node, allowing you to move it and all its children up and down the hierarchy, to other files, and so on. Each such node can also be a todo item with a status (TODO, DONE, etc), with repetitions, due dates, etc. These todo items can then be collected in an agenda view.

Thus, a big element of the org-mode influence on the WikiRevival is the importance placed on personal note taking.

As org-mode then allows a plethora of publishing options, org-mode can be used as a static blog generator, as a book writing tool, and so on.

Some org-mode talks at Emacs Conf 2020 focused on such aspects: