This page started with a look at Amit’s Unstructured to Structured. It is an excellent source of interesting links to collaboration tools.

“I want a tool that lets me hold unstructured conversations, then extract portions of conversations that led to a task, and move them into my task tracking tool. Unstructured comes first for me; structure is what I add later, once I understand what structure I want. Databases and most structured tools I use get this wrong — they ask me to decide the structure first. Spreadsheets, Wikis, Wave, and most unstructured tools also get this wrong — they let me easily work without structure, but don’t offer me a transition to something structured.” – Amit Patel, Unstructured to Structured

StructureOfWikis talks about the ways structure can be added to wikis and the tools we lack to facilitate it.

There are a number of WebSeitzWiki:StructuredWiki engines. I don’t know how the incrementally-adding-structure process works.


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