The page churn is the big wheel on a wiki: As time passes, old issues may reappear as an unsuspecting newcomer or somebody riding RandomPages finds a typo or an unclear statement, and edits a page. And as soon as the page is edited, it turns up in RecentChanges. And once it is there, all the RecentChangesJunkies will read it. Perhaps there will be some PeerReview and reworking, but the important point is the following:

If the page content contains references to old wounds, the members of the community will have to decide whether to truly ForgiveAndForget. If they choose to do so, they might either ignore the page, knowing full well that it only turned up by chance and won’t reappear for a long time, or they might actually rework the page and remove the cause of concern.

The reason forgetting old problems is even more important than improving the text per se is that OldProblems concern the community, while text need not be a personal thing.



Seems a shame to have this page go unedited for two years. Oh, the irony! No longer.

I will “forgive and forget” you! 😉


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