Here on CommunityWiki, we are performing an experiment that we call, “Page Maintainer.”

When you see a page that says “PageMaintainer: Foo” near the top of the page, that means that “Foo” (a person) is maintaining the page.

That person may be operating as:

The page maintainer should, in some way, be helping the conversation or final document. (We like final documents.)


”…we need to give people space to lead in ways that work best for them, if we are asking them to be a leader.” (SamRose)

A given maintainer may be anarchic, bureaucratic, poetic, procedural, artistic, whatever. Everyone has different talents and ways built into them, and different things to offer. Please understand that this may not suit your own style right now. Please, “play along” with whatever process or experiment is at hand.

Feel free to make a helpful edit to the DocumentMode, but do so recognizing that the page maintainer may rework, or even revert it, with or without explanation.

Frequently Asked Questions

:question: “How do I become a PageMaintainer?”

Please see PageMaintainerAuthority.

:question: “Why have PageMaintainers?? What are the benefits?”

See: PageMaintainerAnalysis, and perhaps also PageMaintainerSkepticism.

:question: “If I’m not PageMaintainer, can I still make pages, edit DocumentMode, add comments, and so on?”

Yes, in accord with existing CommunityWiki norms. The only additional request is that you defer to the requests of the PageMaintainer, on that page. Ordinarily, we talk things through, if they generate questions; On a page with a PageMaintainer, we defer to the PageMaintainer. See PageMaintainerAuthority for more on the authority structure of PageMaintainership.

:question: “What if the PageMaintainer forgets about the page and never returns?”

PageMaintainership is really intended for the duration of a conversation, (the “SerialIdentity” of the conversation), not necessarily the entire lifetime of the page. Should conversation come up again, and the original page maintainer be gone or uninterested, just delete the PageMaintainer line, or put someone else’s name in it, who is present & willing. See PageMaintainerAuthority for more on the specifics of authority.

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