All I did was correct a spelling mistake and they gave me this! If only George junior had had one of these when he was a kid maybe we'd all be a little further on in the war against terror...

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kinda offtopic (please refactor at will) but I came here from MeatballWiki almost incidentally as I was looking for a link to WardsWiki (hopefully I just made myself one!) and I was almost certain this page would contain a link to the same topic there. I appreciate that it is part of this wiki's mission to examine this question so just to have that link would be bizarre but I'm still a bit puzzled... completely offtopic - I just discovered the original italics convention (=) doesn't work and we have to use horrible old html - yuk! why isn't UseMod backwards compatible to humour AntiHtmlers??</i>

You posted this on MeatballWiki, actually (MeatBall:WhyWikiWorks) -- we have a system called NearLinks so that some links here (the green ones) go there. I don't know why you don't think the original italics convention doesn't work here :) (it works on MeatballWiki, too). -- BayleShanks

Oops! <rude words> you're right of course - that should be 2 single-quotes not one - duh!

By the way, I deleted a few of your pages, nothing personal. I put a reason on each page. Some of them I just didn't understand what you meant, so I deleted it. -- BayleShanks

I was kind of relying on somebody doing that - thank you. OTOH is there an easy way for me to check which ones have gone in case I see something that I don't think is yet included?

Yes -- on this wiki putting "DeletedPage" as the first word of a page marks the page for deletion after 2 weeks of inactivity. This way deletion can only happen with everyone's consent. So when I say I deleted pages, I really mean that I marked them for future deletion.

You can check either by searching for the word "deletedpage" (or, equivalently, looking at the BackLinks of the page DeletedPage), or by looking at RecentChanges -- I always say "deleted" or "delete" in the summary field when I delete pages.

-- BayleShanks

OK, that works for me. -- PaulBowman

From RulesOfOrder

While I'm drifting I'll throw in a gratuitous OffTopic but true story. A mate of mine's old man was a D-Day survivor. Truth be told, he was more of a WW2 survivor than just a D-Day one as he had the bad luck to be in the 8th (or was it 9th?) Army from North Africa through to Italy. He was back in the Isles during TheMutinyInRome? but that ended him up on a landing craft for D-Day. Like most other vets the first thing he did when the gates crashed down was ditch his rifle, ammo, helmet and anything heavy he could. Jumping in the sea he swam rather than drowned (unlike the poor buggers who DidAsOrdered? and jumped into the sea with full kit - god rest them), made it to the beach and sprinted as low and as fast as his little legs could carry him to the nearest decent cover that would allow him a decent chance of survival. There was no shortage of kit once the slaughter was over... Most other vets did the same which is why they had a higher survival rate than the Greenies who DidAsOrdered?. In case you think he was a bad soldier I can only say - ask a real soldier and see what he or she thinks... Wars are won by smart soldiers not obedient ones. Credo. -- PaulBowman

Good story, thanks. As for the title, I was thinking of RobertsRules of Order, and assuming that the Order meant like Order vs. Chaos, or "order in the court!". But I think your meaning is probably what RobertsRules of Order actually meant; RobertsRules give a system for determining the order in which people speak. -- BayleShanks

Yeah, cool story. -- AlexSchroeder

The 8th (or was it 9th) Army mutinied in Rome saying they would go no further. And who can blame them?

They got wasted in North Africa but were told if they won that they could go home. But they didn't get to go home. They got to Sicily where they got wasted again. Again they were told that they were going home after this slaughter. Next stop ThePeninsula?. More slaughter. Throw in a gratuitous failed landing further up the coast (even more bloody slaughter for no gain at all). Then Monte Cassino. Can't damage the historic buildings boys... Jesus wept, what a pointless slaughter! OK, when we get to Rome its home-time boys, honest! Come Rome (after a bit more slaughter in case anybody missed their chance), come the next order - OK boys, we're (who's "we" paleface?) on a roll... Quick slog up the rest of the Italy, over the Alps (no elephants this time - promise!) through Austria and into Germany... And they were surprised when they found themselves looking down a rifle barrel! The Lady such-and-such (?) made a speech in the brit parliament slagging the "unmanly cowards" of the 9th - a song appeared in response to Lady such-and-such. My mate has it on tape. No it's not politically correct... but yes, in context, it's fair comment. The boys went home. No doubt the upper staff officers enjoying a relatively non-lethal war thought this was "letting the side down". Well, **** 'em, basically... And you thought you knew WW2? Sorry mate, not everything they told you was "The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth" but then, hopefully, you already know this...

NB I love and appreciate historic buildings as much if not more than anybody else (I have laboured to a SPAB-trained StoneMason? and worked on enough restoration building work and learned enough to love and appreciate historic buildings - by historic I mean centuries, and more than two...) but I'd rather see the Alhambra pulverised than see thousands of ordinary men and women slaughtered. I choose the Alhambra (The original in Spain - an "UN World Heritage Site" - don't miss it if you ever get the chance I promise any and all you'll agree) because it's the most impressive and important historic complex of buildings I have yet laid eyes upon. Although, to be honest, Cordoba's Mezquite has a possibly greater claim. if only to remind us that "european" art is the product of three denominational traditions, not just the christian one. Plus I really dig the mad dude who decided to collect as many different columns as he could rescue/ransom from the looters and keep them safe by building them into a public building. Respect due!

-- PaulBowman

I'm actually reading a book (well, I read several books, but somewhere in my stack of books I have not yet finished reading) there is a book about WW2. Your stories certainly compel me to go back to that book. And it reminds me of the Band of Brothers DVDs I watched a while back. -- AlexSchroeder


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