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Cool new pages: MeatBall:PostModern, MeatBall:WikiConferenceModel. – AlexSchroeder

Agreed; I think we should have a PostModern page of our own to talk about it.

I agree with what Sunir said about 50%, and what HelmutLeitner said about 90%. That said, I don't think that the "new realism" is going to come without intentional make-believe and intentionally chosen abstractions- abstractions that we cannot verify.

There's an old word for it: faith.

And I don't think we can "make do" without it.

But that's a conversation for later today.

There's a big gap on Science's side. Religions offer things that Science cannot hope to compete with, as is.

I think that it's possible to fill that gap; I would call the people that do: "The Explainers."

Helmut's friend (I can't remember his name; AndriusKulikauskas, I think) is working on something like what it would be. I would call it "proto-Explainers."

The Explainers are something that can make Science evangelical, and can describe the parameters of reasonable modern thinking, and offers choice within it. For example, I believe it would be agnostic on the question of God, but would nonetheless have some sort of affinity for life. It would have to, I think, address the posibility of TransHumanism, in a mentally sustainable way. Faith (and known faith) in progress, I think, would also be important. In the sense of the desperate, but also in the sense of the businessman: We will make this happen.

Dangerous thinking, no? But I think the time is appropriate. The way we've been doing things clearly isn't working. It doesn't work for me on a personal level, and I abandoned it long ago. And I don't think it's working for people on a social level. This is why everyone's whipping out their Bibles and getting traditional on your ass. They're retrieving not only the baby, but the bathwater, and making sure that baby never leaves that bathwater.

MeatBall:PostModern talks about network; It's explained even more in MeatBall:PhilosophyOfEducation.

Be sure to read it, it does a great job of explaining.

Now that I have read MeatBall:PhilosophyOfEducation, I understand what Sunir means better. I now feel much more confident about what he's saying.

You may also want to read: Futures:MainstreamEducation? - specificly the "Internet Vs Public Schools" scenario. AlexSchroeder, DanilaMedvedev, and myself talked afterwards on that page.

(side thought: roll Futures into CW? and Helmut: thanks for fixing the link; I'm still trying to get on the phone with AndriusKulikauskas.)

I've just read Futures:MainstreamEducation?, and it's interesting… The issue of control is important, but it goes both ways… passive "imposed" learning goes well with people that are unable to motivate themselves… I think there's a balance between the controlling side and the controlled side. When every person stops needing to be directed, the group that controls will become redundant and disappear… Then "education" will become a tool to help people find their own way without judging or directing them… (Maybe a new page should be created for this discussion??)


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