When two wiki have pages on the same subject, we call it WikiOverlap. This can often be a problem.

However, a page can exist on multiple wiki, and productively used if it reflects a different angle on different wiki. For example, a page on “AynRand” will say one thing on the Ayn Rand wiki, another on the Libertarianism wiki, still another on WikiPedia, and still quite another on the Left-Anarchists wiki..! Every idea appears differently from different angles.

ProductiveWikiOverlap is a paradigm where the placement of information onto different wiki is according to angles.

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Each wiki has a mission. Hold the mission in mind when writing an entry.

When you write a book review on a wiki dedicated to book reviews in general, include:

When you write a book review on a wiki dedicated to the topic discussed in the book, include:

Link between the two pages.


The theory behind this idea comes from WikiKM:IdeasHaveContext?.

Objects hold no intrinsic value on their own- they are always considered from a context. Wiki represent contexts, perspectives. Pages represent ideas, objects of thought.

ProductiveWikiOverlap is not a violation of OnceAndOnlyOnce, because WikiKM:IdeasHaveContext?.

ProductiveWikiOverlap and InterWiki

TwinPages and NearLinks link to pages with the same name. Keep in mind that pages with the same name may actually have very different meaning. For example, if we are talking about the same thing, it doesn’t matter if we say “Awareness,” or “Consciousness.” But on another wiki, they may have well defined, specific meanings, very different. On still another wiki, they may have the opposite meaning.

On the other hand, if you are looking at a page on a particular wiki, might be interested to read about the same idea from a different perspective. In this instance, the list of TwinPages helps you exploit productive wiki overlap.

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