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I wish there were some project that let me track projects.

Right now, I’m working on a bunch of COM stuff, and the domain is horribly under-documented on the web.

I’m keeping all these notes in my head, and I really want to get them out on the web. It’s quite plausible that some of my frustrations and understandings would be valueable to other people.

It’s not quite PersonalBlog?-worthy, but it is noteworthy.

It’d be a running log of my work on this project. It would have a ConnectionPoint or HalfWiki type thing, where people (who are not me) could later attach information, with some sort of manual or automatic process for vetting.

Conceivably, in the future, people’s project logs could be aggregated on similarity. People could support each other in their project efforts.

Is this any different from HalfWiki?

Yes; It’s much more blog focused.

Conceivably, even small Internet searches (“literature study,” I believe, is the formal phrase-) you would keep notes on your effort here.

So, at the beginning, you’d say: “I’m trying to solve problem X.” You get back a little bookmarklet, specificly constructed for this particular project.

As you search, and find interesting things, you send them to the ProjectNotes. And then, as you personally ruminate on strategy, you can put notes about what you’re thinking in there.

What you want is ConnectionPoint technology, HalfWiki type stuff, so that other people, later on, can say, “Oh, well, there’s much easier way,” or so they can say, “Well, I’m not sure if this would have helped you, but there’s this thing, over there, that you might be interested in.

Conceivably, “support” in usenet groups could be integrated with the project notes. If this took off, people would aggregate projects that people are doing. And they would say, “I’m doing a project in this sphere, you all might want to keep up with my troubles, and help inform me.” Because, after all, the surrounding community has an interest in your problems being solved, using their technology.

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