Why do people start blogs, wikis and so-called digital gardens? They often want to organize their thoughts and expect their new publishing platform to help them with that.

And then they do nothing because they have some form of FearOfEditing. Every post they make is to be viewed by other people. What will they say? What if they hate the post? Who knows. Better not post anything.

TimurIsmagilov thinks that this is very natural for humans because he has observed such behavior in so many people. Only a fraction of people have what it takes to write publicly.

Indeed, it might be a good idea to ‘share thoughts’ with the world but maybe you should not. Publicity kills.

Taking private notes is a totally different thing. There is no one to judge you. There is no censorship, neither from your brain nor from the local authorities. Say what you want. It’s your place—your private notes.

But for some people it doesn’t work too: they might think that writing to themselves is like talking with the abyss or that it is just a waste of time if no one sees that. Perhaps, they have FearOfWriting.


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