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[fr]QuickNotes est un endroit pour la MiniContribution. Similaire à un processus cartographique d’idées à déposer, mais avec un meilleur nom

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14. MicroContribution, organisation, etc. - Hi all. I think MicroContribution is a very important part of wiki and collaboration everywhere. A lot of interesting ideas come about when we assume, for example, that every edit must be done by a different person. E.g. We may start to need a “reverse” RecentChanges - a wiki “to-do list” or roadmap so we create identifying tasks as a form of contribution. (P.S. I am finding this wiki very interesting.) --TomM? (Future Changes?)

13. Conflict and Wiki Expansion - Several related ideas: PointOutWhereItsOnTopic?, and RightOfMentalPassage?. TooFewWiki is a problem, and a cute play on TooManyWikiEngines. We need WikiNodes to help figure out and PointOutWhereItsOnTopic?. Again, TooFewWiki is still a problem. Maybe we need no.wiki.taoriver.net (a place for WikiNodes for wiki that don’t exist yet,) and combine it with a text warehouse for pages in anticipation of homes, or hold pages on the closest subject available, and then plop them down once the home becomes available. But, there are other problems: Wiki seem reluctant to give pages to other wiki, out of an almost territorial spirit. (LionKimbro)

12. Shallow Page, Meatball Duplicate- It seems to me that ShallowPage implies that you should not title a page by what the page describes. I believe I have a formula for converting a ShallowPage into a non- ShallowPage. It goes like this: 1. Write about something you care about. 2. Think of the name that accurately describes what you just wrote about. 3. Do one of the following: Title the page with something tangentially related, or title the page with something more abstract. When we get our own local MeatballDuplicate for ShallowPage, this argument goes in there. (LionKimbro) ShallowPage does exist here now. Copied this text there to discuss. --TedErnst

11. XXX public utilities wiki - Ideas 9 & 10 seem to be a new idea: UtilitiesWiki? - Wiki that primarily exist as sort of “public utilities.” (LionKimbro) Addendum: It seems to me that UtilitiesWiki? are more likely to venture into Futures:WikiDiffusion?, with special purpose software, very different than conventional wiki. Also, I think WikiPedia might well be a UtilitiesWiki? (general purpose encyclopedia), as well as my TextWarehouses?. (LionKimbro) Fulfilled on Futures:WikiDiffusion?. (Not quite the right place, but…)

10. XXX public utilities wiki - We could have an “icon” wiki as well, where you store little public domain icons for use on several wiki. (LionKimbro) Fulfilled on Futures:WikiDiffusion?. (Not quite the right place, but…)

9. XXX public utilities wiki - We may just need a “People” wiki, for people to keep the wiki incarnation of their wiki web pages on. You would delegate all conversation on a particular wiki subject to your FrontLawn on that particular wiki. But you would have general notes, not tied to any particular wiki, on the People wiki page. You would also link to your blog, or your personal wiki. Security issues are higher, if it becomes a popular concept. You would have to have rules and governance, I think. Advantages? We can add to each others pages easily. We can also have “group” identity tags and “project” identity tags and stuff like that. This could potentially murder friendster. May eventually require special case wiki, like Wikipedia did. Hmm… (LionKimbro) Fulfilled on Futures:WikiDiffusion?. (Not quite the right place, but…)

8. wiki security, shared reality - The breakdown of ConsensusReality? vs. the need for PeerReview. We may well have randomly assigned GuardDuty? / NightWatch? in the future..! MarshallBrain saw this; Eventually offloaded the duty onto the robots themselves..!?! (LionKimbro)

7. forwarded to: QuickNotesQuickNotes #1

6. namespace? - We’re going to need to make it so that you can treat pages in the same wiki as if they were on another wiki, I think. SubPages? I dunno. But we’re going to want to apply the WikiKM:IdeasHaveContext? implications to our pages. (LionKimbro)

5. Work to do - take all the pages in CategoryIntroductionToWiki, and cluster them under “IntroductionToWiki?.” Categories need not be the same as clusters, but sometimes a category will be completely mirrored by a cluster. (LionKimbro)

4. wiki tools - A powerful tool we can make and use now: The LocalCacheWikiBrowser?. You cache the contents of an entire wiki locally, for rapid browsing and searching. Then, when you are trying to find the name for a page (avoiding a WikiKM:RetrievalFailure?), you can quickly use the category system to find the name. You only have a few seconds to find the name of a page, otherwise, you’ll just forget about it, and continue your primary thread. Use the WikiGateway to establish your local cache. Similar to WikiRefactoringBrowser. (LionKimbro)

You can download this wiki as one big HTML file. Is that good enough? If find that tabbed browsing is good enough for me. If I want a search that just matches page titles, I use regexp tricks: ^QuickNotes$ will only match this page, for example. – AlexSchroeder

3. wiki for group education - When people are learning together, many pages come out of it. When someone basic asks someone advanced about something, not much comes of it. Learning to speak a foreign language is best done with people of similar skill, not dramatically different skill. Implications for wiki. Staged wiki for people at diff levels of understanding? (LionKimbro) StretchText?? (BrianTempleton?)

2. wiki tools- InternetRelayChatChannel says something I’ve realized about Wiki:OffTopic - that it’s essential to the bonding process for off-topic to be available. You work best with people you trust, and you don’t trust people who are interacting business-like with you, on just one thing. We should have a page on this effect. (LionKimbro)

1. wiki taxonomy- I’ve been thinking about how we classify wiki- SocialWiki vs. FocusWiki, Futures:TheEndOfWiki?, WikiKM:WikiProcess such as Wiki:WikiWay, MeatBall:DeadWiki, MeatBall:ShallowWiki, whether it has explicit ideas of membership and values, or not, etc.,. A page (or wiki!) on wiki taxonomy, and the axis that wiki lie on, could be interesting. (LionKimbro)


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