These are QuickNotes that have to do with the actual QuickNotes system itself.

7. Link on the navbar to QuickNotes? Or on the front page. It needs to be accessible to visitors to achieve it’s goal of idea pooling. (TomM?)

6. Deep questions invoked - Is your wiki a place for treating ideas like things that you cut and paste, bounce from friend to friend, are glued together and ripped apart? Is your wiki a place for slow growth and commercial writing style? Is your wiki a place for maintaining a community?

5. Deep questions invoked - What is more important? The organization of pages? Or the actual pages themselves? I have, to my surprise, found that the organization of pages is more important, and that everything falls into place once you have the initial order. (LionKimbro)

4. Deep questions invoked - It seems to me that there is a struggle between the FrontLawn, and QuickNotes. And the question is: “Do you want to put related ideas together,” or, “Do you want to put ideas next to peoples’ mouths?” (LionKimbro)

3. what QuickNotes is - QuickNotes is like shining a light out in concept space, seeing what’s out there. (LionKimbro)

2. name for quick notes - SpeedList?? (LionKimbro)

1. quick notes - It’d be kind of cool if new QuickNotes went across in a Marquee on the bottom of RecentChanges… {;D}= We truely are creating a HiveMind of some sort. (LionKimbro)


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