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(btw, Quora has become my knowledge accretion spot of choice)

Great link, Seb, thanks!

Say more – why is Quora your favorite knowledge accretion spot? And what keeps it from being an anti-favorite?

Quora has lots of good design decisions :

  1. Big space to write in. Doesn’t try to squash your writing into a thin column surrounded by adverts but uses most of the page for writing (and leaves the rest as white space). Readable fonts and uncluttered design.
  2. Very good community. Mostly smart.
  3. The “one answer per user” rule gives a kind of egalitarianism. No one can dominate the conversation around a question simply by virtue of being willing to write more than anyone else.
  4. Vicious penalty for pissing people off - one downvote hides your answer - means that people are civil, and tend not to waste their answers making facile jibes at other people. Also, any obnoxious stuff just gets hidden very quickly.
  5. The private “thank” option is a very nice way to reward people that isn’t mere voting.
  6. The gamification / points system doesn’t really touch me personally. But it may be helping to reinforce quality in a way I don’t understand.
  7. Autosave of answers and comments. Unbelievably useful. Makes you confident typing longer, more discursive answers and points, over several sessions.

Before SmallFederatedWiki, I said Quora was the most exciting thing to be in the wiki space—lots of wiki ethos in the place.

I hadn’t seen quora before or maybe I did and turned somewhere else after 20 seconds as it provides no feed to include into wikis. I made a user account and read a bit in quora. Nice. For what I can tell the English is elaborated and I’d be a bit shy asking something. I was wondering if making a user account probably for a city-wiki and asking for related web-sites and facebook groups to be included into the wiki is a good idea.