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Since 2008 thinking about CommunityWikiBank, InvestmentWebOfTrust.

Happy to see some nice similarities with my thoughs and CommunityWiki.

First comparison: http://mindbroker.de/wiki/CommunityWiki

My first conclusions:


date from to amount reason
2008-01-22RainerWasserfuhrAlexSchroeder50 CwDollar?monthy CommunityWiki hosting
2008-01-22RainerWasserfuhrLionKimbro10 CwDollar?monthy CommunityWiki gardening

Further reading/thinking: CwbFx, CwbLedger, CwbTotal, MeatBall:OpenBusiness , SocialSynergy:WikiVenture?, SocialSynergy:PeerInvest?

Hi Rainer. Very welcome. – MattisManzel

Welcome, Rainer! I look forward to ensuing discussion. – LionKimbro

Rainer, cool! Thanks for looking at what we are doing and offering feedback. I am game to try and help you synthesize your ideas with ours. I think CommunityCurrency? can work, if done right, and probably on the smaller scale we work with here.



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