Reason is not logic.
  Reason diverges and converges,
  builds and undercuts,
  motivates and derides,
  invents and decides.
  Logic always reaches final answers; Reason never.
  And the fruits of logic are only as good as the inputs fed into it;
  Those inputs are always ultimately supplied by reason.
  Reason gives way to the weight of the tension
  in the punch of a good undercut.
  But undercuts are undercut themselves.
  It need not happen immediately;
  It could play after 10,000 years.
  This isn't sophism or trickery:
  Feel and resolve the tensions, as best and honestly you can.
  But never fool yourself into believing you've found the final basis.

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I don’t mind the change, but I don’t understand it.

I had intended, “Play,” as in, “Play out.”

Like, you’re holding the jack of spades in your hand, and then you play it out.

Sorry, I thought you meant “pay” as in “pay off”.

I think that “reason is not logic” is in the same way trivial like “a horse is not a cow”.


  • Logic is a method (tool) of thinking
  • reason is a quality of thinking (acting)

Heh. You have obviously not been arguing with kids on Slashdot..!

Correct! :-)