Many people run a WebLog, aka. blog. A blog is a time-ordered sequence of small articles. Whatever is on the author's mind gets posted. Usually blogs allow readers to add comments, and blogs provide means to check for updates using RSS.

Technical and Psychological Features

Since articles are small, not much markup is needed; the most important thing is the ability to link to other sites. This allows blog-providers to offer blog-space – just like GeoCities offers webspace, these new companies offer a blog including all the features you might want: RSS, archives, templates, CSS, notification of a WebLogTracker, etc.

All this results in the following technical reasons:

This, however, can also be achieved by a good web hosting provider with an easy-to-use HTML editor. And yet, blogs seem to be more popular than traditional websites. Why? Here are some psychological reasons:

In fact, even if people start out with a personal wiki, it usually turns into a blog! See also WikiOrBlog.


But what drives people to publish personal information in the first place?

A person's blog is something like their online body, or part of their online body. (The face, or the mouth.) The blog is a visible projection of their body, feelings, activities, and mind. You don't have to be vain to have friends, and want to talk with them..!

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