Many people run a WebLog, aka. blog. A blog is a time-ordered sequence of small articles. Whatever is on the author's mind gets posted. Usually blogs allow readers to add comments, and blogs provide means to check for updates using [[RSS?]].

Technical and Psychological Features

Since articles are small, not much markup is needed; the most important thing is the ability to link to other sites. This allows blog-providers to offer blog-space – just like GeoCities offers webspace, these new companies offer a blog including all the features you might want: [[RSS?]], archives, templates, CSS, notification of a WebLogTracker, etc.

All this results in the following technical reasons:

This, however, can also be achieved by a good web hosting provider with an easy-to-use HTML editor. And yet, blogs seem to be more popular than traditional websites. Why? Here are some psychological reasons:

In fact, even if people start out with a personal wiki, it usually turns into a blog! See also WikiOrBlog.


But what drives people to publish personal information in the first place?

A person's blog is something like their online body, or part of their online body. (The face, or the mouth.) The blog is a visible projection of their body, feelings, activities, and mind. You don't have to be vain to have friends, and want to talk with them..!

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