At the end of WikiSym2005, quite a few people were interested in continuing the face to face collaborations and exploring the OpenSpaceTechnology way to run a conference. So this is happening in Portland February 3-5, 2006.

The recent-changes-camp-wiki is on

It's called a camp to make clear the differing expectation from an academic conference. Come help us plan it!

Funny how all these *Camp alternatives pop up now – here's one in Seattle called MindCamp.

part of the reason for that is they're built on one another, or at least each one seems like a good model for the others - MindCamp and BarCamp were both mentioned in the discussion that created RecentChangesCamp

RecentChangesCamp sprang out of WikiSym.

I know that MindCamp was used as a base for other local organizing, as well.

Registration is open now (no registration fee). Please sign up and help us plan the still-remaining stuff.

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