BayleShanks, LionKimbro, TedErnst, ShawnKilburn, MarkDilley and BrandonCsSanders were at the RecentChangesCamp, 2006. Brandon was the main person behind the whole thing, the point-man who made it all happen.

The schedule

  1. On Friday morning, everyone convened true to OpenSpaceTechnology style, with a description of the 4 principles, the LawOfTwoFeet?, a brief desription of bees & butterflies, and a brief explanation of how the whole thing works. Then we collected topics of interest, arranged them by time, and then dispersed into our different areas.
  2. That's how Saturday went as well.
  3. On Friday, there was a closing, and there was a final "closing out" session as well. Afterwards, we cleaned up, and headed our separate ways.

On Saturday night, there was an awesome party, over in some Portland State University CS department rooms, with lots of food and drink.

One fun thing was that some people had secretly gone to everyone's websites, gotten whatever icons they saw, and used them to make stickers for everyone's affiliations. in some cases they even made stickers from the icon's on your personal website! then everyone got to look through the stickers, pick out the ones they were affiliated with, and put those stickers on your nametag. It was very fun.

Another fun thing that happened was that someone starting sticking "Edit me" post-it notes on people's backs when they weren't looking. For example, on BayleShanks's back, someone later crossed out "me" and put "us", and also added a note saying "Describe this person."

work in progress

Some of the decisions made there include

other notes

for more information

See the RCC wiki. More conference reports on this conference can be found at RccWiki:InTheNews. BayleShanks especially liked this one. Conference reports written by CommunityWiki participants include (add yours below):

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