Hello, I’m new to CommunityWiki. I know SamRose from other web forums, and I’ve found a lot of cool info about my interests here. I’ve been lurking, tracking changes through RSS.

My main interest and work is working on software called VOS and the Interreality project, see

My web page is - a sort of occasional blog, and has contact info for me.



Welcome Reed!

I’ve bee talking with Reed online since the mid-to-late 1990’s. I’m really glad you decided to jump in here, Reed!

Hello Reed, nice to meet you, welcome to the Community Wiki!


I’m thinking we should create InterReality here, as starting point for exploring what you’ve talked about here, Reed. We can fill in that page to give people here more of an idea the scope of InterReality. And make image smaller.

Hi Reed, welcome. InterReality looks like good for a community-ruled, community-programmable SecondLife that starts with better magic than that of a credit-card-number. I’d like that. ;)

Reed, I’ve been meaning to get to your edits on OverHear, VisualLanguage, and InterReality. I hope to get to those within a few hours. :)

Welcome, ReedHedges. InterReality looks like a huge project. Some of its pieces look like good ideas that can be used on their own. I hope that attracts people to maintain those pieces and people to work on the next part.

Thanks everyone. If you have any specific ideas or questions or comments about InterReality please add discussion to that page or contact me or the vos-d list.

I see what you mean, DavidCary. I never even realized InterReality could be used as a CMS, for instance. (HyperVos?

Hypervos is a different kind of web site management system than many others. Instead of storing page data in HTML files, or as entries in a relational database, HTML/XML DOM elements and content data are represented as live Vobjects. While data may be stored to a filesystem or database as a backup, and output documents may be cached for performance, the fundamental building block of Hypervos are Vobjects representing page elements or content that can be reused, modified on the fly, easily reorganized, distributed on one or many servers (even diskless servers), and dynamically managed and reorganized by server plugins or remote scripts/agents.

Dude, that is f-ing awesome! There’s your DistributedWiki, right there (I believe)…


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