The idea is to collect the ideas that CommunityMembers and people in the GuestRole (but probably not VisitorRole) would like to see implemented in this wiki.

It’s not a vote; It’s more of a poll. And it’s just to gauge where interest lie.

The reason that AlexSchroeder’s name is mentioned is because he currently does most of the coding, here. But really, if anybody else wants to do it, just say so! :)


Put things you are interested in, in the following form:

    '''Feature Name''' -- one line description
    Opinions: UserNamesHere (vote)

The “vote” is either a number or a smiley showing anything from dislike to disinterest to enthusiasm:

If you know of possible solutions, or partial solutions, link to them, possibly explaining what is missing.


Thread-Mode Special – thread mode is not part of the page, and treated specially

Supporters: LionKimbro :D ChristopheDucamp :-|

Possible solutions:

Status: Nobody has voted in favor of comment pages. No further action planned.

SVN Access – read/write to wiki via SVN access (as discussed on DecentralizedWiki)

Supporters: LionKimbro :)

Status: Done. SVN and filesystems interact badly, since the wiki pages have UTF-8 NFC encoded pagenames.

Command-line Interaction – a command line for manipulating the wiki

Supporters: LionKimbro :)

Status: See discussion blow.

Support rel-license – by putting rel=“license” into the CreativeCommons link at the bottom right

Supporters: LionKimbro :)

Status: Done. RDF license description was added as well. [1]

Text box that appends. – a text box that can be rigged to append it’s contents (on submission, if you typed anything) to a page

Supporters: LionKimbro :)

Show last 5 lines. – a TransClusion mechanism; Will insert the last N lines of another page, into wherever you put (something)

Supporters: LionKimbro :)



Command Line Interface

I agree with Hans- it’d be nice if we didn’t have to edit the page in order to attach a tag to it.

Then a crazy thought came to my mind:

Alex, how would you feel about a CommunityWiki command line?

It would be a bar, (perhaps unlabeled even,) and you would type commands into it?

 delete SillyPage BadPage ObsoletePage

Deletes pages SillyPage, BadPage, and ObsoletePage.

 delete .

Deletes the current page.

 tag +foo +bar +baz

Find the <h2>tags</h2> part of the page, and add the tag s “foo”, “bar”, and “baz” to it. If it’s not there, add it at the bottom.

 tag X Y Z +foo +bar +baz

Attach tags foo, bar, and baz to pages X, Y, and Z.

 tag X -foo

Remove tag “foo” from page X.

 tag -foo

Remove tag “foo” from the present page.

This would make tagging so much faster. It would be extensible too, to other operations. It also makes it easier to experiment with new ideas about how things work, because you (Alex) don’t need to change the visible user interface to just try out an idea.

I think it should be possible to build such a tool using Oddmuse:wikiappend (for tagging, requires the getting of raw pages, too, of course, but that’s trivial) and Oddmuse:wikiput (for deleting). I’m currently not interested in writing a higher-level interface, however. It should be easy to write a few shell scripts that do this, however. Setting the URL and current page in environment variables, getting the pages and appending/editing/replacing them, etc.

What do you mean by “higher level interface?”

I was thinking something like an <INPUT> (possibly unlabeled) beneath the “Search” and “Language” boxes, and any text output from prior command being placed directly beneath it. I’m definitely not imagining a special page with special interactions.

Oh, I thought you were talking about a command-line interface to the wiki. :)

So – what do you think? :)

Also, another weird thing I noticed: For a while, tag:reworking pointed to only one page, while there were clearly two pages tagged “reworking.” A few hours later, they both showed up. Does it do an index every so many hours?

Reindexing currently happens every eight hours via cronjob.

You don’t like using real command line tools? ;)

No, it’s not that– it’s just that I like shared user interface, where everyone has access to the same thing, everybody learns it together, etc., etc.,.

Actually, it just occurs to me;…

We could implement it using ULI.

That is, you could make the command line check if it knows how to handle a request, and then, if it doesn’t, it forwards it by ULI to BayleShanks’ and my computers by the ULI protocol.

That way, we can all extend the platform, without going through you, and it work right through the CommunityWiki interface!

Hm, interesting idea: Learning together. I’ll mull it over, because right now a “command line on a webpage” seems like the wrong idea to me. But who knows…

Funny, now that I looked for it, I found a link to a social command line for the web on the ULI page.

For the moment, however, it seems easier to just check out the wiki via subversion, work the textfiles using our favorite software, and commit all the tagged pages back…

  • I &lt;3 the little tag icons!! =) rOXors my boXOrss, indeed, mannn.
  • …but the tag links aren’t working now.
  • I’ve always wanted to contact the YubNub? people about ULI, but never got around to it.

The two features I added are so that we can rig a little “chat box.” One nice feature is that it simultaneously keeps a log of everything that has been added.

It could also, conceivably, double as a “command line,” if you have some service, (either in the wiki or not,) scanning the wiki for changes, and doing something with them.


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