On a wiki with VersionHistory, people can get into an EditWar by repeatedly reverting to their preferred version of the article, when two contributors simultaneously decide to BeBold. This is bad - it tends to hijack recent changes, waste time, and cause bad vibes.

Therefore, as a CommunityExpectation, insist that no contributor may revert the same article twice in the same day. This is like a SoftSecurity form of SurgeProtector.

You can always let some else do the next revert, if the next revert is really necessary. If nobody else does it, then maybe it wasn't so important after all, or maybe you were wrong about it.

I think this restriction is too strong and too specific -- how about just insisting that if you get into an EditWar, stop, and start discussion about how you'd like the page to be rather than "being bold".

-- BayleShanks


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