We have had PageClusters on CommunityWiki for a good length of time, and they are not being used much. LionKimbro is a strong proponent of making them ExtrinsicMetaData, but I suggest that this is a subtly different idea.

Revision Clusters

A revision cluster works just as a PageCluster, except:

RevisionClusters are orthogonal to PageClusters: they group related changes, not related pages. As an example, if a page is renamed, the resulting changes to referring pages can be managed without assigning a permanent PageCluster nor resorting to minor edits.

"Low-Tech" Alternative

Automatically cluster any revisions with the same author and comment. List the altered pages in a quick list. For example:

Oddmuse Implementation

The Oddmuse implementation is simple: Start any summary with a link, and the link will be used as the cluster name:

    [[foobar]]: my summary

This will put the current page in the foobar cluster.

    [[MuPower]]: another summary

This will put the current page in the MuPower cluster.


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