Portrait Converting discussions into DocumentMode can be difficult and time consuming. Methods designed to counteract this LackOfReworking seem like worthwhile experiments. One such method is the use of a ReworkIconImage as a design affordance to replace the reworked text (WhatIsAffordance?).

Some ReworkingProblems may be addressed more easily than others. One is the awkward position of deleting everyone else’s comments. Another is the perceived confusion that may occur when thread participants return to the discussion only to find it has disappeared. The Rework Icon is employed by the reworker as a visual placeholder to help encourange reworking by addressing these two issues.

This visual placeholder acts like a historical marker. Much like a plaque or emblem found in MeatSpace, the Rework Icon reminds us of what happened on this spot, when, who was responsible, and where you might learn more.

The Rework Icon should be visually unobtrusive and functional across stylesheets. The icon may hide additional information inside the alt-tag of the image. Since reworking markers provide little value to new page visitors, they can be eventually moved to the reworker’s NamePage as a badge of honor. Reworking is hard work after all!

How To

Copy part of a conversation to a separate page, and start reworking it. Replace the old conversation with a pointer as follows:

[[new:ReworkIcon:2007-07-23 15:03 UTC]] -> SomeOtherPage

That way, we get:

…for free!

And it reuses markup we already know and <3DenotingAuthor!

Optionally, you can leave a date and a tiny comment:

[[new:ReworkIcon:Summer 2007 Alex reworked it]] -> SomeOtherPage


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