This page explains why starting with a ForwardIndex might be a good idea if something is on your mind but you don't yet know how to start writing.

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When you have a lot of vague interconnected ideas, you might be tempted to create a number of interlinking ShallowPages.

The problem arises when the new thought involves the relations between other ideas. What you need are several pages, one for each idea, and then you explain how they fit together. But you don't yet know enough to write DeepPages? for every one of your ideas, and the interconnections might still be vague.

It will be difficult to grasp what you are trying to say, because what little text you write is spread over several pages. Each page is short, probably rather trivial, and links to more pages like it.

A common PeerReview mistake would be to just delete these pages. This will alienate the author and set a bad precedent: People will be even less inclined to contribute.


If the shallow pages already exist, collect them on one page. Delete the shallow pages.

On that page, build a ForwardIndex: Link to the non-existing pages where you will later write more (and where you invite contributions now). Put the one or two key concepts you already know next to the page links on your forward index. Write an introduction explaining how you hope the pages will eventually fit together.


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