Acting as a role model is important. In this Google+ post Jorgen Schäfer talks about abrasive behavior in an IRC channel and about the need to step up and intervene.

  1. act as a role model and help the person asking the question
  2. act as a role model and take a stand against abrasive answers

Set expectations for lurkers.

Role Model? No, this is called “lies”. Showing your real feelings about some particular software is ok and it is called sincerity.

So what is the fucking point in this role model thing? Do you think that this new user will run away crying? In fact, nobody said anything about him (which sometimes happens when the question is stupid). That regular user just ranted about some software problem (perhaps that issue is very common, thus the amount of emotions). Why are you so touchy about this?

Even if he did start crying, people should learn to take things not too close to their hearts. And the other side (you, for example) should stop justifying lies.

And the fact that he was wrong does not make any difference. He was expressing his feelings and his thoughts, all based on his experience. It is ok to be wrong sometimes.

No, expressing your feelings when they aren’t warranted, throwing insults, showing an embarrassing lack of self-control is not “freedom from hypocrisy” – it’s a lack of civility. If your goals for a community are helpfulness and civility, then that is what you will need role-models for. Then again, perhaps there are communities built on radical expression of ones feelings without respect for the feelings of others.

So what’s the right way to say what that guy was trying to say? Can you write an example? Lets assume that his opinion is correct, how would he deliver the same information while being completely polite and civil?



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