Self educated futurist, researcher, theorist, and conceptualizer.

I am interested in music, art, human evolution, science, complexity theory, media ecology, foresight and futures studies, and technology. I am also interested im proving and enriching the existence humans through spreading knowledge and helping to build common places where we can store, share and improve what we know as a species, and how we use it.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete” - RBuckminsterFuller?

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do not focus on profit and money alone. Focus on making enough money to live and play comfortably, and be not interested in “getting rich”, or hoarding money/wealth.

Focus on people and ethical pratices first. Do not even paying attention to the race to bottom for commoditized goods and services. Do not try to compete on price alone. How am can you do this? How does this work?

  1. “Listen” to the markets for people who are looking for value beyond price, for people who need specialized knowledge, infrastructure, and resources that you can give them.
  2. “Tune your transmitter to their receivers”, make yourself findable, work towards making yourself credible, useful.
  3. Listen to people, then offer use-able unique solutions to problems that people actually care about solving, instead of mass produced solutions that people must force-fit into their processes.

This helps to connect you with markets that consist of people who are looking for more than just the lowest price.


I love your logo:

I look forward to hearing what you have to say, and reading through the links you’ve placed here.

Thanks! I’ve been following the goings-on here for a little while and couldn’t resist getting involved. I am very excited about it. What an awesome thing CommunityWiki is!


<nowiki><klaxon>Bonjour Sam</klaxon></nowiki> bienvenue sur ce wiki. May I suggest you to resize your foto to 48x48 px (you’ll find easily some hints in DenotingAuthor and HowToInsertYourFotoHere. If you need help let us know :-)


Finally gota chance to resize the image. Thanks for the welcome everyone. I am very interested in the whole wiki process.

I’m also interested in pretty much everything you all are talking about here. I have been researching ways to apply the concepts of P2P, Open Knowledge, Open Design, and Open Business, Open Source Software and related topics.

Primarily, my applications research has centered around helping the “average” person find ways to use these concepts to help enrich their lives and find sustainable ways to make a living.

I have been developing, using, and learning via collecting and sharing personal knowledge databases using different deployments of WebAssistant TeleCommunity Software and, blogging, and participating in tons of different Virtual Communities, blogging with Howard Rheingold on smartmobs and getting invlolved with the Cooperation Commons project.

I had previously worked on wikipedia pages, and dabbled in wikis here and there, but have never really dived in and tried to explore and take advantage of the inherent learning and explorig mechanisms inherent in the way that you are using wiki software here.

So, I am here it explore ideas like TheoryBuilding, OrganizedCulture, and basically everything you’ve got going here. I think that TheoryBuilding, for instance,with wiki software is an underused and overlooked way to pull minds together and create and explore.

I have also been thinking in my blog about the possibilities of extending Wiki-culture-type concepts into emerging mediums, like mediated reality or Virtual Worlds (like Second Life).

More on all of this as I get up to speed. Thanks again for being so welcoming!


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Moved some discussion to SamRoseArchive

QED Wiki by IBM

Screencast of QED Wiki


I am parking this here, and will flip it into a page eventually:

“The Anticipatory Leader: Buckminster Fuller’s Principles for Making the World Work,” Medard Gabel and Jim Walker, The Futurist, September-October 2006, pages 39-44 (World Future Society,

10 Principles for Comprehensive Anticipatory Design Leadership:

  1. Think comprehensively
  2. Anticipate the future
  3. Respect gestation rates
  4. Envision the best possible future
  5. Be a “trim tab”--an individual who can initiate big changes by making small adjustments
  6. Take individual initiative
  7. Ask the obvious and naïve questions
  8. Do more with less
  9. Seek to reform the environment, not people
  10. Solve problems through action



I picked this up from LionKimbroNamedIdeas, and his collection of AnchoredObjects there.

Basically, AnchoredObjects can be created on any page, anywhere in the wiki, and are picked up as NearLinks by other OddMuse wikis, when a given OddMuse wiki is configured to associate another OddMuse wiki.

AnchoredObjects can be created as stand-alone MicroContributions?, then can be collected by TransClusion onto other pages, or linked to externally. TransClusion of just AnchoredObjects by themselves in OddMuse wiki pags is not currently possible. although, it seems that it could be possible. Would others find this useful?

Many times, “comments” made in ThreadMode can instead be AnchoredObjects, contextualized right away into re-useable tiny “bits” of DocumentMode content.

Those AnchoredObjects can still be edited, just like other wiki content. So, starting out a comment as an AnchroedObject? MicroContribution of DocumentMode text is not really “committing” to a “formalization”. It is merely starting the process of formalization/DocumentMode.

One drawback can be that AnchoredObjectsAsMicroContribution breaks up a “conversational” tone, and confuses people. It could be a ConversationKiller?, which could hurt some sites.

AnchoredObjectsAsMicroContribution could work best for TheoryBuilding wiki.

Regarding the transclusion of anchored objects: The important part would be to figure out where the object ends. The anchor just gives us the start. Does the next permanent anchor end it? Does an ordinary heading end it? A horizontal line? (If you answered yes to all and can’t think of anything else, then you’d be using the same definition as the [new] tag is (→ DenotingAuthor). That would not be a bad start, I guess.)

That’s how I’ve always thought of it. 😊

AlexSchroeder, thanks. Myself and TheSheep actually had almost exactly the same conversation on #OddMuse IRC channel 😊

TheSheep also suggested Horizontal Rule. The idea of mirroring DeonitingAuthor? is ineresting. But I also thought that a small markup or tag inserted could possibly end it, too. I was thinking that a transcluded set of anchored objects might also have a “Discussion on” or something similar (actually related to a suggestion by TheSheep, based on his referring me to look at annotation system) And, it would be possibly interesting to have some form of edit button per-anchored object. This might be jumping ahead. Just some ideas. but, I like, for now, just thinking about solving the problem of “ending” the AnchoredObject?, to maybe enable TransClusion..

I am very much in favor of being able to pull a block of MicroContent out of a page.

  • Right now, I am having to create MicroContent “mini-pages” (forcing the use of elaborate, artificial page names) that I can <include… to build larger page constructs.

I certainly agree that using the [new] tag wold be a good start, but I also agree that this raises the question of how to end the block. In other systems, I’ve found it best to use the same type of structures that raw HTML uses of <tag> … </tag> since this seems to provide the most “general” solution. Otherwise, it may be necessary to consider the terminating string issue a bit further given its possible interactions with the <hr> termination for the …aggregate… and the issues that arise from trying to create a TransClusion that includes headings. (I think the headings issue becomes less important in TransClusion(s) simply because it gets very complicate by the fact that headings are by nature hierarchical and MicroContent blocks will appear in different “contexts” generally making it necessary to manually integrate the headings. This is likely one of the reasons that the TOC module does not try to nest <include…(d) headings)

I think it it will be most flexible (and may be the least work) to use a localAnchor approach equivalent to <tag> … </tag>.


  • Working on
  • Working on upcoming USDA project for (will be a multistate effort)
  • revision control for OpenDesign? will test with and will then help other small agriculture projects uptake and use the OpenSourceEcology? designs
  • Learning Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, SQL and UNIX/Linux/BSD, Apache administration, code revision, server performance, other Web-related knowledge
  • Building relationships with different entities around the world.
  • GiftNode? (coming soon)


Nice to see your name in RecentChanges again.

Your offer of help with Oddmuse caught my eye since I am having a bit of trouble setting up the environment to have APACHE monitor multiple ports, using a slightly different script for each of the ports. Any references, insights, or even just a “beats me” comment would be appreciated.

Regards – Hans

Hans, I missed your old comment here from back in July. I wonder if you ever solved this problem of multiple ports?


Thanks for responding. (It’s especially nice to hear from you after such a long dormant period.)

With respect to what I now know is called a “virtual host” facility… No, the specific problem still exists. This is likely due to the fact that I’ve been distracted by other matters that imposed, and I am only now (after several months) starting to get back to some matters such as this.

If you have any suggestions, I’d be happy to consider them.

Ad socialmediaclassroom - there are lots of Open Source learning materials written by programmers. For example web framework developers write manuals and tutorials for them - do you think this could be improved by collaboration with professionals in education?

Just a quick note saying “hi” and that it’s good to see you again. 😊 nntr


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