One way of organizing wiki for the PublicRefineryProcess, is to lay them out, as needed, in the following order:

The theory, described on PublicRefineryProcess, is that raw materials and raw ideas are helpful for people to improve upon.

People would submit rough documents or ideas to a ScratchWiki.

Then people would pick up the documents, and post them to their particular CommunalWiki. They write them up nicer, and integrate them into their wiki. People feel comfortable working things together in a communal setting, and feel some ownership, and pride of ownership.

This is generally enough, but- if these ideas become important enough, then people are likely to start talking about them in multiple places, and they're going to want the pages to be not so tied to their particular community. They also want TrustedLinkLanguage. They may build a process on a ManagedWiki for maintaining the documents nicely.

With time, they may even publish the HyperText as static pages, with links back to the managed wiki, and ultimately, back to the communal wiki where they are actively discussed.

Hub & Spoke Alternative

This deserves its own page. But I'm including it here for now.

An alternative to laying out the wiki in sequence, based on the HubAndSpokeWikis model, is as follows:


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