Sébastien Paquet - I write this weblog and contribute to the ManyToMany group weblog on SocialSoftware.

I’m a professor at UQAM-Teluq.

I just found out about the RadicalRealTime conference. It should interest a few of you here on CommunityWiki.


Welcome, Seb. :)AlexSchroeder
Hello there- Seb! I thought it was funny you clipped my profile. LOL, that thing is always changing, now you’ve made a record of it. Nice to see you here as well. :)HeatherJames
Hello, seb. Have fun. – MattisManzel
Bonjour seb. Content de te voir venir sur CommunityWiki. Sans vouloir te demander de relire toute la PageFaisceau LangueFrançaise, je me tiens prêt à te ciseler ton portrait selon la charte IndicationAuteur1. – ChristopheDucamp
Xtof: merci à l’avance! – Seb

::N’hésite pas à modifier ta page SebPaquetPortrait quand tu veux. Un simple [new::] est aussi bien pratique pour chronodater une contribution avec ton portrait dans un ModeDiscussion ;) – xtof

bienvenue, Seb ! – piranha

hi seb. hier dein persönlicher wiki baum ( ich hoffe, er gefällt dir. – sigi (see also WikiDe:BaumListing?)

:Danke, sigi. Wie funktioniert es? (auf englisch oder französisch bitte, my German is poor)

:if you know foaf, it’s simple. you can create a tree connection to all those of your friends who are not yet in the tree (if they agree to it). they in turn can do so as well. you can list them in WikiDe:BaumListing?. see the examples. see also WikiFolks and WikiDe:BaumBild?. --sigi

Seb, this wireless stuff is powerfull. I’d like to build an open citynet for Venice. LuigiBertuzzi first pointed me on it last autumn. I did a page on OpenWLAN? Would you correct the crap I wrote there?

Seb's_OpenMind is spam-soaked and has no recent changes. I can not despam it. Do it youself (better) or shut it off (worse). … Ok, rc ‘s called Diary, got it now. And the spam isn’t that much. Sorry for the fuzz. – MattisManzel

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