If you want your arguments to hold, if you want your replies to be sound, then you have to seek criticism. There is no way you can prepare a speech, write a book, or build an argument, if you don't have any criticism. You need opposition to point out fallacies.

Obviously MutualInspiration is a much nicer experience, but you also need people to find your weak spots.

When you publish your ideas without a feedback-channel, you are avoiding criticism. Give your readers a way to provide feedback. Some static websites don't do this. Most wikis can't avoid it. Trying to go in between and control your criticism will only exacerbate it or flatten it. The worst thing you can do is create a following of "Yes men."

One obvious caveat is that the community must be big enough to be able to offer criticism consistently.

PeerReview is an institutionalization of this process. Your peers are supposed to offer criticism automatically.


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