“ SWiM? is a semantic wiki for collaboratively building, editing and browsing a mathematical knowledge base. Its pages, containing mathematical theories, are stored in OMDoc, a markup format for mathematical knowledge. Our long-term objective is to develop a software that facilitates the creation of a shared, public collection of mathematical knowledge (e.g. for education) and serves work groups of mathematicians as a tool for collaborative development of new theories.

The implementation of SWiM?, based on IkeWiki, is currently in a prototype stage. It is available for download under the GNU GPL. Bugs and to-dos are documented in our issue tracker. See the MathWeb wiki for instructions about downloading and a documentation of current on-goings in the SWiM? project and related projects. The latter can also be found on the KWARC research blog. “

Semantic MediaWiki

Semantic MediaWiki is a plug-in to add semantics to the MediaWiki WikiEngine.

Semantic Web

The Semantic Web wiki

Semantic Web Standards

Semantic Web Standards wiki (Is this semantic-enabled? Or does it merely talk about semantics?)

Semantic Enterprise Wiki

Semantic Enterprise Wiki



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