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Hallo Serge. Bienvenue. J'ai improvisé un petit peu sur ta foto. Tu peu aussi user un vrai foto. SergeStinchwichPortraitAlt. Ca va?

Pourquoi, elle te plaît pas ma photo ? ;-) – SergeStinckwich

Serge, there is a line here of openness which is the essential power clue. Our openness, beginning with UseRealName, via UseRealFoto?, which is present though not having been written yet (as we didn't really need it up to now), to SayWhatyouThink?, to BeOpenAllTogether? - this is the power we have, we express and we use here. This is the stunning thing for everybody who drops into wiki and for us every day again. Not the fact that everbody can change everything here is the thrill but that it is done and that it works despite of the fact that it is possible. That's everybodys thought on first sight. "Despite". Despite of the absence of rules. The second thought - and this takes far far longer to come - is "maybe it works because it is possible to change everything?", "maybe it works because there are no rules?". Maybe it works because recommandations are better than rules. And that's when community starts.
Your foto is perfectly allright for me as you are free here. I like it using the simple trick to think it might be a carricature of you - one of these drawings that are made in the street for a couple of dollars (a couple of eTerras would be the better currency though). I like it. This personal trick of mine though remains hard to explain to newbies (which causes work) who will otherwise use mickeymouse and superman-icons here which in fact would bomb us and our warm and light fireplace here that came up with Lions great idea for the use of pics back to the stoneage of Chat-groups. UseRealPicture?, Editable page title: "Friendly reccomandation to use a real picture here and a commonly elaborated possibly contoversial explanation why to do so" has to be written - the earlier the better. I like it, but I personally would prefer a real foto, yes. We're all free here.

Serge, correction: not "bomb us back …" sorry - I tend to exaggerate when under stress. We'd just be where we were before the pics + have a couple of annoying supermen and mickey mice around ;-)

Serge, pourquoi n'essayes-tu pas de nous laisser une VraiePhoto ;-)

hi serge. voici ton arbre de wiki personnel ( j'espère qu'il te plaît. – sigi (voir aussi WikiFolks)

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