Where an URL will do, no new page is needed.

Shallow pages are pages that more or less describe or define what their title already says. They are shallow and don't contain any interesting content beyond the definition. Especially bad are those pages that create links to EmptyPages, MeaninglessPages, and UnwantedPages, and FutureShallowPages. Even though one might put emphasis on these words while reading the text, and even though these terms look like cool concepts, consider what you would write on those pages. Would it be a good essay – or would it be a shallow page?

See RoadMap for a technique of writing text that seems to call for a collection of shallow pages.

See WikiIsNoDictionary for a common cause of shallow pages and how to counteract this tendency.

ShallowPages may be acceptible in some other instances too - user pages spring to mind. And it's pointed out on ScratchWikiFirst that the appearance of a ScratchWiki can be effected partly by ShallowPages, which may spur on people to contribute. – KatherynWindham

From QuickNotes:

12. Shallow Page, Meatball Duplicate- It seems to me that ShallowPage implies that you should not title a page by what the page describes. I believe I have a formula for converting a ShallowPage into a non- ShallowPage. It goes like this: 1. Write about something you care about. 2. Think of the name that accurately describes what you just wrote about. 3. Do one of the following: Title the page with something tangentially related, or title the page with something more abstract. When we get our own local MeatballDuplicate for ShallowPage, this argument goes in there. (LionKimbro)

Seems that this ties to ThoughtChunks. A page called AnApple? is most likely not going to be that useful because we already know what an apple is, and don't need to click that link for any reason. What about a page called ApplePie?? If I'm just going to say I like it, what's the point, even if I link to ApplePieRecipies? and put my favorites there. If I'm passionate about the American Condition, however, and want to write a treatsie on how ApplePie? relates to what it means to be an American, maybe I write it at ApplePie?. And maybe the community moves it to AmericanCondition?. I don't find the idea of obscure or tangential naming to be very useful, personally.

Heh. There was a big Wikipedia war about Apple Pie, if I understand right, because of just what you said.

I learned about it at a Seattle Wikipedia gathering.

This makes me think of the "Shallow but happy" vs. "Deep but troubled" tradeoff. It amazes me how proscriptive wiki culture is. This page lays out the rule "no ShallowPages" without providing a corresponding principle that grounds the rule. Why no ShallowPages? (as one who likes Short Pages I find this current version of ShallowPage uncomfortably close to a proscription against short pages)


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