It seems like two of the things we are thinking about is:

(See DocumentsVsMessages)

HubAndSpokeWikis seems to work to share documents.

BlogControlledByWiki seems to work to share messages.

By "share," we don't mean, "people read the exact same document we do," or "people read the exact same messages that we do."

BlogControlledByWiki is not about literally copying RecentChanges into a blog, and HubAndSpokeWikis doesn't mean just copying WikiPages verbatim to target wiki.

Rather, it means to open up access to the ideas (documents) and momentary happenings (messages), and put them into ThePublicWeb.



Just noticing similarities between different things we're doing, and putting them into a cohesive framework...

This isn't to overlook that HubAndSpokeWikis also has to do with CommunityBudding?. CommunityBudding? has major implication.

Only- this is to look at the things from the angle of DocumentsVsMessages.

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