k. The stuff dealt with here and on VirtualMoney is more important than anything else dealt with on all wiki-pages all over together, that's what I think. It is laying hand (brain) on what blocks up the whole world. Money. It is not like weather, it is a man-made thing and therefore is improveable by humans, us humans here. It is on time and it will be of a more decisive impact on humankind than the invention of the wheel. I'm fed up with people telling me that humans are bad and that you can't change things anyhow. Who are, who have been the ones who changed this world to what it is (not that I'm sufficient with this world, but it gives place to billions at least and many of them survive the day)?. Has not optimism, has not vision been the motor in people's heads eversince? Is it not vision and optimism that makes you all get you arses out of bed every morning finally? Sigi's unenjoyable rudeness is understandable to me, since the topic hadn't emerged anymore for months, but it was merciless uneffective and the consequent collaps of the Zauber here on cw pushed me into a painful depression. I made sigi come to community-wiki as I think his ideas are most important, though I do not really understand them yet. But they are a beginning to something that m_u_s_t be done. For the first time since August 03 I had to lay off wiki for two days, I just couldn't stand it anymore, wiki made me physically sick. I speed all (in words: all) my energies into wiki and community-wiki is one of the columns my soul rests on. No wife, no children but wiki. Got it? I'll have the patience and power to make this work, I guarantee it! When I can not keep this promise it will be too late for me anyhow, so wtf? And if it's for the 4000 time I correct sylvie on I agree after she wrote I'm agree again, I will do it! Culture is stronger. This is wiki here, yggdrasil, everything, our laser-bundeled intelligences and who wastes zies' time here knows that. And for everybody who forgets about that and leaves two newbies will come in. Come together, right now. End of the world news.

sigi : und ich werde dich für die zeit, die mir noch bleibt, mit allem was ich habe unterstützen . schöner link übrigens - 10 S für dich .

mattis : Sigi, do not hesitate. I feel like the software you talked about, the one you could show to those having Linux and KDE runing might explain much better to the tech-guys than words do, so do not hesitate! Pass a link to download it. I'm sure they will take a look at it and seriously will try to understand what is the idea behind it, please. I can't get you but by your words and by the persistance you keep up despite of all the draw-backs - but I'm no programer. This is too important to only hold back one thing for a single second. - 2005-07-07

sigi : i hob's : (hier freut sich übrigens noch einer über den shockwave·link)
das globale wiki . nix wie hin da! (im moment noch auf'm pc)
(es scheint, als ob basti die richtige (grund)einstellung hat . auch für das programm . wenn, dann könnte es dort weiter entwickelt werden (hier nicht!) . wenn sich nicht die richtigen leute treffen, ist alles andere sowieso umsonst (meine lebens·erfahrung (aber wenn sie sich treffen, muss das konzept natürlich auch stimmen)))
das ist wirklich das bisher beste ding für uns !!!

my thoughts of any kind of form made of nodes: a node (knot) represents a coherence, a connection, a context, a relationship, a continuity, an association of objects, subjects, ideas or (last not least) other nodes . it is the idea (notion, conception, term) of a new language . we use nodes here, each page is a node (thanks to it's link) . but sentences or paragraphs are no nodes, because they cannot be referred by links . (not yet) . - see SylvieBourguet

 form made of nodes (knots) allow MultiplePointsOfView

yes . if you define a knot as (A · B) and you define A = 3 and B = 4, then you can say: 3 + 4, 3 * 4, 3 - 4, 3 / 4, 3 ^ 4, 3 | 4, 3 < 4 …
that's mpov . the topic debate is absurd . as pierre j. proudhon, the greatest of all philosophers, said: "la propriété, c'est le vol" .

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