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i can easily avoid the recent changes by marking my contribution as dies ist eine kleine änderung . is that a solution for you ?

alex: No, since I feel obliged to PeerReview minor changes, too.

this is the behavior of a benevolent dictator .

alex: No, go back and read about the goals of peer review. If you think that peer review is about benevolent dictators, then you have no place on this wiki.

your argument has a logical flaw . you decide as the owner of this wiki . that's not peer review . definitly not . i ask you once again: who, besides you, is the community ?

mattis: well, we didn't really care much for this question up to now, there is so much more important to do and it anyhow only comes across when working together. I guess Lion and Bayle and Christoph and many more David, Emile, Murray and in a way Hellmut and you as well are the community. I take part too. It's a bit of keeping a balance between perfection and disruptioin, mind the gap. Alex behaves as a peer, he is the owner as we didn't care about decentralizing it yet. We should be aware about decentralization to be an important issue, that concerns the server function just as the ownership. It's vulnurability involded with both. Chop the server in two with a fireaxe (David's nice formulation), hijack the owner's favorite dog and tell him to shut down community-wiki when he wants it back. On the long run the server must be decentralized (like freenet, I think I said so before somewhere) and the ownership must be just as well decentralized. This is urgent, sure, but there is so much to do and somehow we have to go step by step. For now a server that can be removed from the net with a well placed china-cracker and an owner who might be offered 2.5 Million USD to shut community-wiki down is not an urgent problem. But we know about it. Alex likes to be spoken to respectfully. When he gets in a tight mood, like he did recently - he even called me about it - he feels uncomfortable. He looses his ability to talk freely to the person himself, something he hates. It's normal. Do me a favour and assume good faith. The saddle, the wiki-donkey, the carrot be be placed in front of its nose to make it go - that's it. It's enough to mind this gap, everything else happens by itself.

lion: We DelegateResponsibility to alex. And we are more like a clique than a community. (CliquesAndCommunities.)

sigi: that's really interesting .

Helmut: I think the core group of cw is: Alex, Lion, Bayle, Christophe, Mattis. I consider myself as an OccasionalContributor here. sigi: a guest who is violating taboos (see GuestRole) working hard to become an UnwelcomeVisitor. [helmut, bitte!!!]

xtof: Hi Helmut, hi all. How about the SilentAgreement I learned from you helmut ? Let's say I agree with lion's RoyalWe : Alex is our host. I plan to translate DelegateResponsibility on MeatBall:DéléguerResponsabilité. This page could be quite useful in french too ;)

sigi: we have the best royal·we here, which one can imagine : our wiki·tree . the honour goes to the center and comes from the center . my favorite center·person is sylvie . and indeed she is the center in the moment, due to her connections (one of them is you) . if you dont want her to be the center, you can make a connection to mattis instead . then mattis is the center . or you can make a conection to me . then i'm the center . but in this case i would tell you: keep your origine connection (even if sylvie simply ignore it), because sylvie is the best center . do you agree ?

Helmut: If you need a new center, I think Mattis is best. Mattis is the one who cares most to bridge systems and people in an egoless way.

sigi: wenn dir wirklich daran gelegen ist, könnte ich dir schon 'n tip geben . tu ich aber lieber nicht .

xtof: Agree : Sylvie and Mattis in the wikilandia's tree. sigi, on my own i prefer to stay in the garden… I love sleeping on the grass.

alex: Sigi, what does all of this have to do with my very specific problem? Your funky orthography and punctuation is still there. The crap you wrote is still there – in fact it was moved to yet another page. Mattis removed my original message, but it's main point is still my main point. I'm not going to be detracted by silly wordgames about so-called wikitrees.

sigi: you wrote:

You have three options:

  1. Prove to me that we can get along.
  2. Run CommunityWiki yourself on another server.
  3. Shut the fuck up and piss off.


sigi : if you are in one group and i'm in the other group, you don't need to read my writing . why? it's not for you and it's not for your group . you may visit us, but you are not a member of our group .


Alex, sigi is not provoking you, he is actually coding. die Buchstabenreform - we did that in three a year ago or so.

Fragen? Fragen?? Willst du micht nerven? Kannst du nicht lesen? Verstehst du nicht was ich meine? Bist du denn zu blöd oder was? Einfach nicht lesen was du schreibst kommt für mich nicht in frage. Dann gibt es nämlich keinen verdammten Grund, warum wir überhaupt auf dem selben Wiki sitzen sollen. Denn was ich schreibe, kommt auf den Mist der Geschichte, und was du schreibst, soll ich nicht lesen. Ja wenn das so ist, dann sieht es eigentlich so aus, wie wenn du entweder nicht fähig oder nicht willens bist, dir einen eigenen Wiki zu suchen oder aufzubauen, also quartierst du dich hier ein und nervst mich.

Der Wiki besteht aus einer Gemeinschaft und dem erarbeiteten Text. Der Wiki ist kein "Privatwiki" wie du schleimiger weise mir immer wieder unter die Nase schieben willst, sondern du darfst den Text und alle deine Freunde mitnehmen. Wohin du willst! Ab die Post, abhauen, verduften, dich trennen, selber das Heft in die Hand nehmen, selber Verantwortung tragen, und nicht mehr mir auf den Sack gehen. Du gehst mir auf den Sack!

  1. Prove to me that we can get along – keine Entschulding, den Text nicht zurückgenommen, keine Einsicht gezeigt – alles klar, jetzt bin ich wirklich sauer. Und ich beruhige mich auch nicht so schnell. Beweis misslungen! Oder willst du einen Mediator vorschlagen?
  2. Run CommunityWiki yourself on another server – unfähig oder unwillig, keine Ahnung.
  3. Shut the fuck up and piss off – Klappe halten willst du auch nicht! Ich kann gar nicht fassen mit welche ärgerlicher Klebrigkeit du dich hier einquartierst. Was hält dich hier? Findest du niemanden, dem du deine Seiten anvertrauen willst? Oder suchst du gar nicht? Mir ist egal wenn du auch sonst auf dem Netz niemanden findest! Aber mir kannst du deinen Quark auch nicht anvertrauen. Zum Diskutieren scheint es mir zu spät.

Kannst du denn nicht zehn Euro oder noch weniger im Monat zahlen um selber einen Wiki aufzusetzen? Das ist doch kaum möglich, wenn du Zeit und Geld genug hast um mir hier jeden Tag auf den Sack zu gehen! Muss ich für dich einen Wiki aufsetzen? Wenn du mich noch lange nervst, dann mache ich das! Aber ich bitte dich: Wie tief muss man denn noch sinken? Du kannst dir ja bei jeder beliebigen WikiFarm Platz suchen – da kommt der Wiki schon mitgeliefert!

Du und ich, wir sollten uns trennen. So schnell wie möglich.

[english translation of this posting see SigiVIIC]

sigi : mediator sounds good to me .

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