A kind of DistributedWiki. (SocialMedia?)

It inspired PhilJones to write his Wiki Manifesto 2012. He says:

I think we’re in a wiki renaissance. A “next generation”, return to and reinvention of wiki to take us to the next level.

SamRose, what’s the appeal of SFW for me? The insight that we should move wiki from a single server, which is vulnerable to spam, and where we struggle to integrate conflicting points of view, to a federation of multiple wikis where forking is allowed and resynchronization, when needed, is made easy (the Git model of wiki).

I personally love SFW, but the user interface is not going to work for most people. Too complex. And the workflow is also not going to work for most people. Again, too complex. Oddmuse was also too complex for most non-programmer people. In both cases of SFW and Oddmuse, we have or had community to fall back on, to help fill the knowledge gap, and that worked to a degree. I am disciplining myself to write a page on Lansingwiki every day, and therefore get back into wiki writing in some way.

I like da manifesto! Didn’t get any deeper into sfw recently, sorry.