When there are a number of people in a group, the group dynamics can get complicated.

When does complexity occur?

Around 10-12 people.

Complicating group dynamics


See also ScalingSmallGroupDiscussion.

I think this is like what I've been calling a wiki's "CarryingCapacity." -- LionKimbro

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Hmm, yes, I think the two are related. First, does CarryingCapacity refer to the number of parcipants, or the number of topics, or a combination? I always thought it was a combination. Second, I think that wikis can be over the SmallGroupDiscussionSizeLimit and yet under their CarryingCapacity. In other words, I think wikis, even without enhancements such as NearLinks or FilteredRecentChanges, can accomodate more participants than a "small group" can.

I theorize that the most important factor is that discussion is segregated onto many different wiki pages. Imagine that a wiki had to have only one page; maybe then the SmallGroupDiscussionSizeLimit would be equal to the maximum allowed number of wiki participants. The transition from a one-page wiki to a conventional wiki would be an application of EnlargeSpace.

-- BayleShanks

See also ConnectedGraphSquaringProblem, TheTippingPoint.

This is an aspect of a more general problem; CommunityMayNotScale.


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