Social bookmarking is the sharing of browser bookmarks to allow collaboratively categorization/organization. This excellent article provides an overview of available social bookmarking tools:

Social Bookmarking Tools: A General Review is an awesome article, summarizing social bookmarking tools ~April 2005.

List of services ~June 2005

Check out our thoughts on SocialBookmarkingToWiki. The idea is to make it easy to send bookmarks to wiki pages. Then the people in the wiki can organize the links, and integrate it with their content.

Torsten Rox has made an excellent Social Bookmarking feature comparison chart. At the time of this writing, it is in it’s 3rd edition.



BayleShanks and LionKimbro make use of Unalog.

We do it because:

BayleShanks hacked the Foxylicious browser plugin to work with Unalog.

Well, I tried UnaLog, but all I got in response to trying to register is “New registrations disabled”.

  • I’m certain Lion and Bayle know more than enough to make assess this software, so I’m prepared to try again if they manage to open it up again. All I can say for now, is that there may be a valid role for business folk in the development of software, after all :-)

I’ve really wanted to try and set up UnaLog on my own servers. On my VPS, I am falling short on memory to be able to handle this. And on my hosting with media temple, they fall short on being able to support Python and Zope DB. So, eventually I’ll get a full VPS with media temple, or with someone else, that has enough memory to handle this. I’ve been interested in trying out SocialBookmarking apps for a while. UnaLog was one of the really appealing ones of the range of OpenSource SocialBookmarking apps.


 . socialbookmarking definition "share bookmarks to allow collaborative organization"
 . socialbookmarking requires socialbookmarkingserver
 . "" review socialbookmarkingserver
 . "" title "Social Bookmarking Tools: A General Review"
 . connotea/delicious/delirious/frassle/unalog a socialbookmarkingserver
 . connotea url ""
 . delicious url ""
 . delirious url ""
 . frassle url ""
 . unalog url ""
 . socialbookmarking possibility sendtowiki
 . "" author torsonrox
 . "" reviews socialbookmarkingserver
 . lionkimbro/bayleshanks use unalog
 . unalog writtenin python
 . unalog instanceof opensourcesoftware

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Who's Using unalog?

Hmm, does anybody other than Bayle and Lion use unalog ?

By the way, I almost never use my bookmarks hierarchy. I only use a few bookmarks in the quickstart bar (including several “open in tabs” multibookmarks) and I trust wikipedia and google for the rest. I used to use but never got into the “bookmark everything” habit - so when I switched to another desktop I didn’t go through the hassle of re-setting up my bookmarklets and password. So, I use bookmarks for links to useful places, not necessarily interesting information. I see them more as a dashboard than a memory extension, which doesn’t make them that valuable for sharing.

Um, also, the link doesn’t work for me (it gives me a page with only one word “delirious”).

Zbigniew's Social Bookmarking App

I am writing a SocialBookmarking app as well. I decided to put more weight on the search side than on the tagging side, but there are tags too. Currently it is not open source - but if anyone wanted to join the project I can open it. Here is the help page for it: It is hosted on my desktop machine so it’s a bit slow.

I am working on a ‘web crawling’ functionality for the application currently. I think this could be used to integrate with wiki. The problem I see are all the automatic links in a wiki - like revisions and diffs. They don’t constitute meaningfull bookmarks and will clutter my site if I crawl the wiki without any filtering. What can I do about it? If the wikis were adding the ‘nofollow’ attribute for such links this would be solved - what do you think?

GetOutFoxed seems interesting, just trying it. - outfoxed is quite amazing. My bookmarks are a mess, hundreds of wikis, chaotic. When installing outfoxed it converts your bookmarks - I had about 470 and it took ages (25 minutes). A person called Stan made it, he should be around on community-wiki, I think. This could become our tool. Still trying it out.

The default outfoxed invitation text for a friend goes like this.


This is an invitation to join the Outfoxed beta test.

Click here to learn more and get started:

Be sure to email me once you’re set up, so I can get your reports about what you find good and bad. You can see my reports here:



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