Their approach seems to be to construct a search site specialized on searching for people (think of how TechnoRati is a search site for blogs, ) rather than a traditional SocialNetworking site.

That is, it seems that individuals host their own websites, (or perhaps use a service to host their website,) with the relevant information on it, and then ask to be indexed. Perhaps a person has both a public and a private web page registered?


I stumbled across today. There are some interesting ideas there on community scaling. On the hardware side, rather than the “buy new hardware” model that Wikipedia has, it briefly mentions a scalable approach:

“Shift cost to members’ computer via grid computing for complex searches. … Shift bandwidth cost to members’ Internet service providers via peer-to-peer. … grid computing … will allow SocialGrid to continue to be always be free. … If SocialGrid succeeds … society will be changed forever, hopefully for the better.”

-- socialgrid:WhyFree?

Can I combine this “grid computing” idea with the WikiFeatures:FailSafeWiki idea ?

Some of the social ideas there may also be relevant.

(Should I move this to one of the CategorySocialSoftware pages?)

There are many types of communities and some of them don’t scale - others do. Would you say that the idea of republic does not scale? Isn’t a republic (from latin Res Publica - the public thing) a community?

“Why did I move this page from CommunityMayNotScale, to SocialGrid?”

Because it’s more about hardware & software scaling problems (“SoftwareMayNotScale??” “InfrastructureMayNotScale??”) than the actual “community” itself (limits on the number of relationships between people.)

Incidentally, there is a concept I find useful, called an "Imagined Community," describing “communities” such as republics.

My question about SocialGrid is, “Is there a proprietary angle on this?” Do they have patented or trademarked tags, or something?

Can other services make services out of your web pages?

Technically, yes. After all, isn’t this just a slightly different case of what google is doing? (Morally?? I’m not sure) Then… Legally… (depends on) Politics, which in turn are influenced by Economics, which is of course a function of Technology, … Oh-Oh … I sense a “loop”…

I think that they do loop..! “Good, true, beautiful, …”

But as for the SocialGrid: I do think this is the way to go..!

If someone (the SocialGrid org) takes on making a search engine, and then publishes, “Here’s how we issue searches,” … That would give the impetus for people to put their data in the searchable form, and bingo.

There it is. :)


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