This page explains the benefits of shallow pages full of idle chatter. ;)

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Context and Forces

When people collaborate with each other, be it on a wiki or elsewhere, they need to gain trust in people. You can be trustworthy in different ways. Some people are good a writing DeepPages?, and some might argue that is all we care about. But that's not true: We also need people to welcome newcomers. We also need people to mediate conflicts. We need people to fight trolls and vandals. We need people to criticise our works. We need people to inspire us.

In short: We need a living community of people. We don't have to be friends, but we're not here for "accidental" collaboration either. We need each other's support.

(See WelcomeNewcomers?, MediateConflict?, FightTrolls?, SeekCriticism, MutualInspiration.)


We need better bonding: Befriend strangers, support friends. In order to do that, we spend quite some time writing pages that deal with ourselves: Pages for the people in the community. Namepages, where we welcome newcomers, discussion pages where we talk about certain incidents and guidelines within this community (for example the pages in CategoryThisWiki).

When we find a page that is not "deep", we might think it is a ShallowPage. Before deciding whether to delete it or not, consider whether it acts as a social page instead.



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